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Samsung Galaxy S3 A Review of What to Know Before You Buy

Samsung Galaxy S3  A Review of What to Know Before You Buy

The much-anticipated smartphone, at least in the Android world, has finally hit the United States market! The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the next step in the Samsung line of Android phones and offers 4G speeds on its Ice Cream Sandwich platform. With the price of the phone exceeding six hundred dollars, it is best to know the ins and outs before you purchase or pre-order!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Has a New Design

The changes in design have been extreme. The phone is lightweight, just less than five ounces in weight and it is about five by three inches big. That is almost a half an inch bigger in both length and width than the Apple iPhone 4S. This phone will virtually disappear in your pocket as it is only a third of an inch thick and the rounded design allows it to fit perfectly in your palm. The phone is built for durability and has a thick Gorilla Glass 2 front and a nice battery cover.

The differences between the previous phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 are mostly in the appearance. Galaxy S3 offers more of a rounded look and has only two of the menu buttons on the phone. There is the menu button, then the long home button, and the back button on the other side. The lock/power button is still on the right hand side, with the volume buttons on the left.

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 has 64GB of internal memory, it does have a microSD slot so you can increase the memory to whatever you would like. Right now, the largest microSD card available is only 64GB, but that will increase your memory to 128GB. This is twice the size of the largest iPhone available on the market!

One of the biggest complaints with cell phones is the flimsy battery cover, so Samsung has created a battery cover that is polycarbonate material for the Samsung Galaxy S3! Behind that cover, you will find a removable battery, the microSD card slot, and the microSIM port.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Interface and Some New Cool Features

Now that we have discussed simply what you will see on the Samsung Galaxy S3, let us tear the phone apart a bit. The screen is very close to the equivalent of the iPhone’s sharp HD screen. There are only three other Android phones that have the HD screen, so this is still fairly new to the market. However, there are still issues with the auto-brightness. With the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can see how it’s trying to preserve battery life, so sometimes it dims it too much. The best difference in the screen is just the immense change in sharpness of the picture between all three of the Galaxy S series phones.

Of course, one of the coolest features on the Galaxy S3 is that it now has a completely interactive lock screen. If you touch the screen, you will see a water ripple and hear a water drop sound. After a slow to wake-up from sleep mode, you will find a 1.4 GHz quad core processor running your phone. This makes the phone extremely fast, however, can suck battery power quite quickly.

Galaxy S2 has been stuck on Gingerbread  for ages, while Ice Cream Sandwich has been rolled out. Well, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will start with the Ice Cream Sandwich and the next interface, Jelly Bean, is already being talked about. The task manager is more user friendly and even offers you the ability to clear the RAM if needed. The battery usage meter will now tell you which apps are sucking the most of your juice and offers warnings for those who do not have unlimited data. Just like in the S2, this phone will allow you to turn off 3G to prevent data usage.

Just to touch on a few of the awesome new features of the phone, I want to mention the addition of video calling. Of course, this only works if the person you are calling has a phone with this feature available. Another new feature is the ability to be more interactive with the internet browser. You can now save pages for offline viewing, change the brightness of the screen, and even see all of your downloads. Even though the phone’s camera is still only an 8-megapixel camera, it offers a burst mode for photographing. This allows you to take a series of photos without any pause in between pictures. This is perfect for shooting games, concerts, or other events with movement. They have also improved the front facing camera so it is not as grainy as before. You can also take front facing videos.

Impressive Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Finally, one of the biggest issues with smart phones has been addressed with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The battery power has been improved so it does not suck nearly as much juice as any other smartphone on the market. When using the phone with photography, web, and music being used, you should be able to get at least eight solid hours of use. Samsung claims that you can get up to ten hours by watching the battery draining programs, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you have the S2 currently, you will notice that almost all of the features are the same, just with an upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy S3  is a must own for those who love the latest in technology or love the S series from Samsung. The feel of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is perfect, and issues have been addressed.

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