Examining Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Is it The Best Tablet PC?

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Examining Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Is it The Best Tablet PC?


Smartphone VS Tablet

To be sure, it will be a long time before smartphones will be considered passé or irrelevant to business communication practices. In fact, they will definitely be around for decades to come, especially with the various advantages they offer consumers. Smartphones have evolved from mere communication devices to becoming technological hubs where users organize various non-communication features and functionalities to make their lives easier. However, there’s only so much you can do on your smartphone until it’s just too difficult to keep working on it. This is when a tablet PC comes in handy.

Tablet PC’s are certainly taking top place in business communication over smartphones. A tablet PC, also called just a tablet,  can be considered a cross between the laptop and the Smartphone. Thus, it offers features and functions that your Smartphone can only dream to achieve, such as a wider screen and apps customized to fit the larger screen. There are other similarities such as the ability of the Smartphone and the tablet PC to be integrated with your business’ VoIP PBX.

Whatever the case, there can be no doubt as to the importance of the two devices in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your daily business operations. Thus, it is also critical that you will be able to purchase the tablet that will best address the pressing needs of your enterprise.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

galaxy note 8

Let us examine one of the most popular tablets in the techcomm industry nowadays, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. While there would be little contention on the claim that the iPad and the Google Nexus 7 are the two most popular and bestselling tablets available in the market right now, Korea-based company Samsung Electronics makes a bid for supremacy with the Galaxy Note 8.0. It is equipped with one of its strongest features yet—the S Pen stylus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 sports a glossy, plastic finish similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note II, which are both smartphones. It is slightly heavier than the iPad mini but is lighter than the Google Nexus 7. The Galaxy Note 8.0 sports an 8” screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 800p, giving it a pixel density of 189, which is better than the iPad mini’s 163ppi pixel density. By today’s standards, however, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0’s screen display is not impressive, although it is quite serviceable. Good thing that the colors are vivid, bright, and clear and the viewing angles are wide and excellent.

This tablet runs on a relatively date Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, although it is skinned with a TouchWiz interface developed by Samsung itself. You can also run two apps simultaneously (and side by side) using the tablet’s multi-window feature. When it comes to performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 does not disappoint. It is fitted with a 1.6GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos 4 processor coupled with 2GB of RAM, making it a fast and responsive tablet.

The S Pen is also something to write home about. It is equipped with an on-screen pointer that tracks the movement of the stylus whenever it hovers close to the screen. There is also a list scrolling option that allows you to automatically scroll up and down lists in any app just by pointing the pen towards the edge of the screen.

Meanwhile, there is also a palm-rejection support that allows you to rest your palm on the display and use the S Pen only without triggering the display.

With all this, try the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 if you’re looking for the best tablet PC.

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