Run For the Hills: What You Need to Know When Zombies Attack

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Run For the Hills: What You Need to Know When Zombies Attack

Run For the Hills: What You Need to Know When Zombies Attack

You’ve seen the movies. You’re just going along, minding your own business, living your normal everyday life just hanging out in front of the television, when out of nowhere the walking dead show up and ruin the party. Of course, by the time they show up, you’re already in trouble. Unless, of course, you’re prepared and know how to survive. And your best bet for surviving the zombiepocalypse is to build the ultimate survival compound.

Finding Your Base


The first step is to determine where to go. Your best bet is to get as far away from civilization as you can. I bet you’re wondering why you can’t just stay put in your own home in the middle of a large metropolitan city, right? After all, a larger city means access to more stores and supplies. While that’s true, a larger city also means more face-eating zombies. And that’s exactly what you want to avoid. So stock up your van with as many supplies as you can get, and get your butt out of dodge quickly. Just make sure you don’t forget the really important stuff in your mad dash to leave – like your children.

The best places to survive the zombie invasion, of course, are those that have ready access to the basic human necessities – food and water. Look for a farmhouse (or even an old abandoned missile silo if you can find one) with plenty of open space. You want to be sure you can see the hordes of undead coming. If you can find a place with a sturdy fence in place already, then you’re a step ahead of the game.



Fences and walls are a must for security. And the heavier the better. You’ll want to ensure that the walkers can’t break through. After all, your safety is at stake here. Most farms and ranches will have some sort of fencing already, and will likely have a welding torch laying around somewhere. Grab anything you can find and start welding it to the fences. It doesn’t have to look pretty. In fact, leave as many jagged edges sticking out as you can. That’ll keep those ghouls busy for a while.

Once the fence is in place, it’s time to get busy setting up your security system. Cameras with night vision capabilities, laser alarm systems and heat-sensitive locks are great things to have, as long as you have a way to power them. Be sure to look around in the back of the barn or basement for a generator. And if you’re really lucky (and you must be, if you’ve survived the apocalypse this long) you’ll find a large metal tank full of gasoline just waiting to be put to use.



Protecting yourself and your loved ones is one of the most important aspects for survival. Zombie slaying doesn’t require much in the way of weaponry, of course. The key is to hit them where it hurts (well, where it would hurt if they actually had feelings, anyway) – right in the melon. There simply is no other way to destroy the walking dead.

What types of weapons are useful, you ask? Firearms are preferred, of course. After all, the closer you get, the more risk of being bitten and turned into one of the undead yourself. So repeat after me: Stay away from the zombies. Seriously, just keep your distance. Grab your guns and let them have it. Of course, pretending to be Dirty Harry and asking the zombie if he feels lucky before you disintegrate his noggin is almost guaranteed to have him shaking in his rotting boots.

If you don’t have access to high powered weaponry (shame on you for not visiting the ammo store before you headed for the hills), you’re not completely screwed. You’re on a farm. Find a pitchfork. Or a chainsaw.



When in a survival situation, there are very few things that you actually need. Forget about televisions (I know, The Walking Dead is great training material) and iPhones. All you really need is food, water, and a safe place to sleep. You’ve already mastered the fine art of zombie slaying. All that’s left is nutrition. Since your compound is all walled up like Fort Knox, you can safely get out into the sunlight (unless you’re a vampire, but that’s a whole other problem). Look around for fruit trees and wild animals (no, not the zombies. They definitely do not taste like chicken). Be sure and check out the basement or cellar for canned goods, too. While you’re at it, don’t forget to look around for seeds that you can use to plant a small crop of food.

Water will usually be the easiest to find. After all, farms generally have animals, and animals need water. So look for a pond or stream. Just make sure there aren’t any zombies floating and contaminating the water supply. Water wells are often found on farms, too, but those usually require a power source (but, hey, you’ve got a generator. No problem!)



While it may not be possible to communicate with the outside world, attempting to do so is ideal. You want to know if there are any other survivors nearby, or if the government is working on a cure (don’t count on it, though. They’re probably the ones who released the virus to begin with). Unless the farm happens to have a long-range CB antenna, you’re out of luck. If the area is clear, place a sign by the road to alert any passersby to your presence. Smoke signals can also work if you want to get the attention of passersby. But please, don’t burn down the compound.



Congratulations. You’re now an official survivor. It is up to you to rebuild civilization. So buckle up, make sure your seat and tray is in the full upright position, and try not to screw it up this time around!


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