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Five Of The Best Rugged Tablets on The Market Today

Five Of The Best Rugged Tablets

If you ever thought about checking your emails on the edge of a cliff or if you are scared that your toddlers may destroy your iPad (or Samsung Galaxy…) while watching their favourite cartoons, rugged tablets may be the best option for you.

At first glance you might think these sturdy devices are aimed at field workers, military employees, or factory employees, but they offer numerous advantages for everyday users including families and outdoors enthusiasts. Sophisticated cooling (and heating) methods allow them work well in extreme conditions such as intense heat or sub-zero temperatures, which makes them the ideal travel partners whether you are visiting the Sahara or hitting the ski slopes.

The case is usually built out of special materials including aluminium or magnesium (rather than the more common plastic) and can survive being dropped by a toddler (or by you) thanks to shock and vibration resistant construction. The extra defences built into rugged tablets don’t stop there, these tough little devices are usually sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture and dust, so if your little one spills juice (or worse!) over it, you can be sure it will keep running.

This toughness does come at a cost and rugged tablets are more pricey than the more common consumer tablets, but if you want to know that little Johnny won’t break your tablet or that your computer will survive your hiking holiday, perhaps it is worth paying that little bit extra for a tougher device.

There are plenty of tablets available today that can resist harsh conditions but here are five of the best (and toughest) rugged tablets:

Panasonic Toughbook CF-19

rugged tablets

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 is a 10.1-inch fully rugged convertible notebook and tablet with a rotating screen, a real all-in-one. It’s light – just over two kilograms, compact and is pre-loaded with Windows 7 Professional . It’s very sturdy, and it supports Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and optionally 3G/HSDPA connection, besides GPS.


Xplore iX104C5

Xplore iX104C5

This 10.4-inch fully rugged tablet is very flexible and features a dual-mode display, which can be easily read even in the brightest sunshine. It even works if touching through a glove and also comes with a fingerprint reader. It’s exceptionally reliable and keeps running for hours due to the high-capacity Lithium-ion battery. It’s fully submersible and it can withstand a four-foot drop onto concrete and seven-foot drop onto plywood. It has an Intel i7 processor with Turbo Boost and thus it’s about three-times faster than devices with older technologies.

Getac Z710

rugged tablets

This Android tablet has a seven-inch display, and is certified to survive a six-foot drop. The screen, which also works through gloves, is very easy to operate and highly sensitive and responsive, thanks to the company’s own proprietary technology, LumiBond. It enables a wider-than-usual viewing angle and comes with anti-reflective coating, while the special Gorilla Glass is extremely durable. The device also includes a barcode and RFID code reader, a five-megapixel autofocus camera and supports 3.5G data connection, besides WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1.

Ulmo 7”

rugged tablets

The popular Ulmo Android-ready media tablet is water and drop-resistant, and comes with a seven-inch capacitive multi-touch display. It features two cameras, one of them being a five-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, and enables 1080p HD video playback, with sound playing through the built-in stereo speakers. It can even display the content on large HD screens as it supports a large variety of ports. It’s light, only about half a kilogram, and offers WLAN and Bluetooth connection.

Microsoft Surface RT

rugged tablets

Microsoft’s sturdy Surface RT tablet survived its own launch when it was used as a skateboard, proving its ruggedness. It runs a special version of the Windows 8 operating system and features two cameras, stereo speakers, an HD multi-touch display, besides a compass, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. It looks very stylish, sleek and it’s very light, the unique keyboard covers come in five different colours. It comes with an integrated ‘Kickstand’ to offer more comfort for the users, and enables the connection to SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud library.

Guest Author

The author, Sebastian Leaver is a business development manager at Steatite Rugged Systems