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Who Needs a Watch When You Can Have a Ring Clock?

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Who Needs a Watch When You Can Have a Ring Clock?

Ring gadgets ranging from the Bluetooth ORB to the Apple iRing have always been all the rage, but now a new, cool ring is on the market, and available for crowdfunding through indiegogo. The Ring Clock first hit the web in 2011, and quickly gained a lot of attention, but like other popular rings, seemed doomed to never actually be released.

Clock Ring

What is the Clock Ring?

The clock ring is basically a non essential gadget that does nothing but tell time. Like a watch, it serves only one function that could be easily replaced by your phone screen. However, it’s also incredibly cooler than a boring watch, and will get people talking. The Clock Ring features a two part ring interface that is actually a dial. When you spin it, the numbers light up to show you the time! What’s the catch? This adorable ring costs $295. When you think of it in terms of something that tells time it’s more than a little expensive.

20130816132659-laser_cut_v1The ring clock battery lasts for roughly one week of average use, making it appropriate for most users, even when traveling. It can also be used with an orange or blue LED light, and this will have to be chosen at time of purchase rather than changed at will. Best of all, the Ring Clock features a stainless steel hypoallergenic frame that can be worn by even the most sensitive of skin.

How Does it Work?

The Clock Ring is basically made of a stainless steel band that has been laser etched with numbers. A resin coated rechargeable lithium ion battery also comes standard in the ring and should be WR 100 M (Water resistant to 100 meters). The ring will also come with a recharging base that can be used to re-power the ring at night. However, at the moment, the Lithium Ion battery only lasts for roughly 3 years, after which you can have it replaced for approximately $60. The battery can only be replaced by the factory, so it has to be sent back to them for replacement. There is a wireless charging pad that comes with the ring. The makers also claim the eventual intent of working on a kinetic charge version, although that would likely not be available for the next five or more years.

The ring, when spun, lights up the etched numbers to tell the time. Prototypes of the Clock Ring show both a 12 and 24 hour clock, although the finalized version may be either in order to cater to non U.S. customers as well as U.S. ones.

Clock RIng

When Can You Get It?

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You can get it now! The Clock Ring met all funding goals and is now available for purchase. Prices start at $295 on

What do you think? Is this awesome gadget worth $300? Or is it too much to pay for something that is essentially a toy?

*This article was updated in July of 2016