Review of WEYV – The Media Streaming App  

Review of WEYV – The Media Streaming App

WEYV is a premium music and magazine streaming app, offering near unlimited access to music and magazines for a basic plan starting at $15 per month. The U.S. based subscription launched on December 5th, and competes with music streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora as well as magazine subscription sites like Amazon.  

If you’re considering getting it, you likely want to know about quality, value for cost, music availability, image and audio quality, and whether the app actually does what it says.

Let’s Get Started – How Do Costs Compare?

WEYV costs from $15 per month for an individual account which includes 10 WEVY units per account. You can also upgrade to larger accounts, including $28 for a couple’s account (20 WEYV Units), $39 for family (30 WEYV units) and so on. Each “person” account can use units to stream magazines and media through the app, the web app, or you can download the content as well for offline use.

At $15 it can seem pricey. However, there are no real similar business models. Amazon charges an average of $4 per magazine for digital subscription, with some going up to $15.50 per. Amazon Prime, which offers unlimited music streaming costs $10 per month, Spotify Premium costs $9.99, and Apple music costs $9.99.  

So, for the added cost of $5 a single person can add magazine subscriptions onto their subscription bundle.  

However, once you start upgrading, costs become a little bit more difficult to compare. First, most subscription apps allow you to add on a second person for $5. Apple Music costs $14.99 per month for up to 4 people. Spotify offers the same for up to 5 people, providing you all live under the same roof. So, WEYV compares very favorably when you’re just considering one person, but may cost a lot more when you add more people into the mix.

How Does WEYV Work?

A WEYV subscription puts a specific number of WEYV units, which are kind of like credits on your account. Each unit allows you to stream media on unlimited devices, with downloads for offline use allowed on up to 6 devices with the basic plan (more devices allowed with other plans). You can also download media for up to 30 days, after which it will revert back to your account and you can download it again if desired.  

So, if you have 20 units, you can play music for 10 units on your app or the web player. When the song is over, the credits revert to your account. The WEYV app shows a bar graph to keep you up to date on how many credits you have left.

The credits may sound a bit limiting, however, according to the app’s creators:

You can have up to 25 people on ANY account (even the cheapest one). The limitation – based on number of WEYV Units in your plan – will determine how many people can use the app at a time. On the single plan, one person can use the app at a time. On the couple plan, 2 people can use it at a time, and so on. But for all plans, you can have up to 25 people on them, and they don’t have to be family members.

While streaming content (even with the basic plan), you can still listen to music and read a magazine at the same time and the app will only “pull” the number of WEYV Units associated with the highest value content. Essentially the app will only pull 10 WEYV Units instead of 15 or 20. They call this leveling. 

What’s the App Like?

playlist weyv app on desktop computer

The WEYV app is available for iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play. You can also access it online via the web player, and it’s listed as coming soon for ChromeCast and Sonos.  

We tested it out on an iPad Pro, to maximize the screen size and quality to really test the graphics on the magazines. The Pro also let us test audio quality by seeing how it sounds coming through a pretty Hi-Def speaker.  

tip screen weyv

Ease of Use – WEYV is very well designed, and we found it easier and more intuitive than the Amazon music app. The app also offers tip and walkthrough screens the first time you set it up, which makes it easy to figure out what you’re doing and where you’re going. We also especially liked having everything in one place, without having to download multiple apps for each music and magazines. If WEYV adds TV on at a later date, that would be even better.  

storage setting weyv app

Customization – WEYV makes it easy to create your own playlists and reading lists, with collaboration and sharing. Playlists are easy to make and add, and you can add your own images and descriptions with WEYV notes. You can also create custom stations based on genres, songs, and artists and then share them into a group of users (such as a family group).  

Inviting Others – It’s very easy to invite other people to what you are reading or listening to, providing they also have a WEYV account. You can also create a reading or play list and share it to social media or through another channel – but followers and friends won’t be able to read or listen unless they have an account.  

Family Safety – WEYV offers child settings and privacy settings and is COPPA-compliant, meaning they adhere to all online child protection policy. A user can create a child account, and the default setting will ensure the child is not exposed to any explicit content in the app nor will the child be able to be searched/found by others in WEYV.

magazine in app weyv app iphone

Reading Magazines – Once you open a magazine, you can flip through the pages by scrolling, much like on a Kindle. You can also pinch to zoom, view table of contents with a tap, and search the entire magazine based on a word or phrase. We had no lagging issues, even when scrolling quickly. Graphics quality and readability were excellent.  

WEYV supports using multiple devices and allows you to create individual settings per device. For example, you can choose to download media to devices where you have more space and stream on devices where you have less.

WEYV App Quality

If you’re buying a music streaming app, you’re definitely concerned with audio quality. While it goes without saying that if you’re streaming over WiFi or 4G, your audio quality will heavily depend on your network connection, WEYV also allows you to download audio and listen to it in full quality.  

album cover weyv app music

Music Availability – The WEYV app layout makes it seem like there aren’t actually very many songs available at first. However, we used the search function and it came up with every song we looked for which is very promising. The Search function is very good, and much better than many other apps including Amazon and Spotify, and the “Similar” artists tab is a great way to browse for new music.  

Offline Functionality – We downloaded music and used the app in car while driving. Music worked perfectly, in high quality, with no lag or difficulties.

Loading Time – There were no loading or speed issues on the Web Player, iPhone, or iPad, with nearly instant play on everything. The web player has a few seconds lag between when you first click play, but none at all between when you play playlists.  

Sound Quality – We found the sound quality to be very good. You can also adjust WEYV to download in higher quality, but over 4G, this does use more data.  

Graphic Quality – All images are very sharp, crisp, and clear. Even large images loaded quickly and in high quality.

Impact on Devices – None noticed. About 3 hours of use drained 8% of battery and with cellular data turned off, only downloaded via WiFi.  

Data Usage – You can choose which data usage settings you want and create individual settings per device. For example, do you want WEYV to download media over WIFI, mobile data, or both? You can also set storage options and choose where and how to download content.  

Download Speed – We downloaded 52 songs in under 1 minute for offline use over WiFi. However, this will depend on your WiFi speed.  

Unlike some other music apps, you can also minimize WEYV and do other things on your tablet or phone without pausing music.

Value for Money

playlist weyv app on desktop computer

At $15 per one person, WEYV compares well to many other streaming apps, providing you want the magazines as well. However, when it says one person, the account actually means only one person can stream content. With 10 credits, only one person can generally listen to one song at once, or one song and a magazine. You can’t share a single person account unless you’re using the account at different times or downloading the content for offline use.

devices weyv app offline limit

The magazine subscription offering is also a good deal. If you read more than 3 magazines per month, it’s cost-saving for that purpose alone. Also, if  you have children that like reading magazines there will be several kid-focused magazines being added within the next few months.

If you’re comparing WEYV on a music-only basis, it’s probably not worth it. The app seems to have less music than competitors like Spotify and Amazon streaming, even though their music library is still impressive.  We also really liked the app, which is easier to use and more intuitive than Amazon, iTunes, and Pandora, and that’s saying something.  

However, as an all-in-one app WEYV offers convenience and affordability when you combine offerings. Accessing everything in one app is extremely convenient and a lot easier than constantly switching. Overall the app has a lot to offer so if you’re considering it, try the free trial. With 14 days to test it out, you can decide if WEYV offers enough music to replace your current music streaming app. If it does, you can definitely save money on magazine subscriptions by making the switch.  

If you’re interested in trying it out you can find the download for the WEYV app here for Apple or Android devices and WEYV has been kind enough to give our readers 2 months free of the Family Plan by using this promo code: HoliWEYV1 (no credit card needed). Add it in settings after downloading the app. 



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