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Review of the Apple Wireless Keyboard


Review of the Apple Wireless Keyboard

If you’ve ever thought about buying a Mac then the Apple wireless keyboard is one of the main options you have when you go to buy peripherals for it. While you could buy a cheaper Logitech keyboard, you probably want to read up on the Apple wireless keyboard first. For example, is it worth the average $69 that Apple asks for it? How does the battery life hold up? Keep reading to find out what we think of the keyboard.

Mac Wireless Keyboard Review

Battery Life

Unfortunately the Apple Wireless Keyboard does run through a standard 1800 mHz battery in about 4-6 weeks depending on how often you use the computer. If you are a heavy user, then it might only last for about three weeks. For that reason, if you do go with the Apple Wireless keyboard then you do want to invest in a quality set of rechargeable batteries or an alternative like the Mobee Magic Bar.


Mac Wireless Keyboard Review

No dust here

I have personally owned over a dozen different keyboards and for typing, the Apple Wireless is quite simply the single best keyboard I have ever owned. The keys have just the right amount of tension, which makes them pretty much perfect for pushing. The buttons are also spaced nicely, with no gaps between the keys, which means that the hair, dust, and dirt that you have to clean out from between standard laptop and some other keys quite simply isn’t an issue with the Apple keyboard.


Mac Wireless Keyboard Review

The result from a fall that would have broken most of my other keyboards

The Apple wireless keyboard is aluminum and that alone makes it quite durable. mine has been dropped quite heavily and did bend around the power button but I was able to simply use a pair of pliers to bend the aluminum back into place. I can’t imagine one of my previous plastic keyboards actually surviving the fall, let alone being fixable, so the keyboard is quite durable.


One of the biggest downfalls of having a Bluetooth keyboard is that it will not connect to your computer until the computer is set up, which means that if you buy a Mac and a keyboard separately and they are not already paired, you do need a wireless keyboard and mouse to set it up. That aside, the keyboard has a range of about 30 feet, which means that you can type from downstairs with your Mac screen synced to your TV if you want to, without having any issues at all.

Mac Wireless Keyboard Review

Overall, Apple has done an admirable job with their wireless keyboard, and while many of us miss the number pad on the side, it’s really not that big of a deal considering they do sell that separately in case you must have it. For regular computer users who mostly just want to type rather than use the number pad, it really is great. However, it may be too small or too limited for hardcore gamers, accountants, or anyone who does work with numbers.