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A Review of the PapaGo GoLife Extreme Video Camera

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A Review of the PapaGo GoLife Extreme Video Camera

In the midst of the several outdoor activities my family and I pursue, there have been many times I wished to video record such moments. Although I can use my iPhone to take video, mounting it and worrying about whether it’s going to survive the occasional bump, splash of water, fall, or crash makes me a little cautious. From bicycling on dirt trails, skim boarding in the Atlantic, boating in the river and the occasional motorcycle ride through the backroads of Florida, there’s about a hundred different things fun on-the-go activities I often think a mounted video camera would have been great to capture the interesting view we see.

PapaGo offered the GoLife Extreme video camera to the High Tech Society to review and test its performance and overall user-friendliness. I jumped at the chance to test this camera out and see how it worked.

Initial Impressions and Specifications

Cam with Mini SD Card (Not Included)

PapaGo GoLife Extreme Cam with Mini SD Card (Not Included) Image Property of

Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed about this camera is how small and lightweight it is. It weighs approximately 2.82 oz. and is easy to handle. Included in the box was the video camera, bracket, power adapter, micro USB cable, bike mount, bike stem strap, strap fixing pad, fixture screw, adhesive pad, tripod mount, user manual, and warranty card. It’s important to note that the micro SD card you need to record video is not included and the manufacturer recommends at least an 8GB card. You can buy a larger card if you plan to take more video as the camera supports up to 32 GB.


PapaGO App Screenshot

PapaGO Wi-Fi Setup Screenshot Property of

One of the nice things about this camera is it has an app named “GoLife Extreme” available in the App Store or on Google Play. Since I have an iPhone, I downloaded the app to my phone. The app allows you to connect via Wi-Fi to the camera to playback video on the phone, save the video to your phone, stream, share via Facebook, or change the video settings. The Wi-Fi is a direct connection to the actual video camera for which you need to choose the name of the camera in your setting on your phone to connect to it.

The camera needs to charge first, and that takes approximately an hour. Once fully charged, the battery lasts about 2 hours for shooting video. I initially used the power adapter and micro USB cable plugged into an outlet, but it can also charge via the micro USB cable plugged into a computer.

When you plug it into the computer (I’m using a Mac), it shows up as a separate mounted drive, from which you can copy your video to your hard drive. I would not recommend using iPhoto to download off the video camera. I did try this method and it ended up messing up the MP4 encoding of one of the videos I shot and rendering it unusable.

Bicycle Test

Initially, I mounted the GoLife Extreme to one of our bicycles and rode it around our neighborhood. The bike mount is super simple to install. To make sure I pointed the camera in the right direction, I looked for the tiny arrow on the top which indicated “up.” Turning on the camera requires you press the power button, and then quickly press the record button which has a red indicator to show that it is recording.

I didn’t change the settings in the camera which stayed at the factory setting of HD 720P. While the video is pretty good, it wasn’t as clear as I thought it might be and had some lines and fuzziness to it.

Motorcycle Test

Video taken in HD 1080p setting, and is attached to the frame of a motorcycle.

Prior to the motorcycle test, I Wi-Fi connected the video camera to my phone to change the settings to full HD 1080P. Again, I used the bike mount to install the camera on the motorcycle. The video recorded on this test was really great; crisp, clear, and wonderful angles. I was a little worried about the vibration from the motorcycle distorting the video, but it had little to no effect.

Final Impressions

The PapaGo GoLife Extreme is a great little video camera. I would definitely recommend making sure you change the video settings to the full HD 1080P to allow for a really clear video. Although I did not get to test this in a water type setting, the video camera is waterproof up to one meter. Anyone who enjoys extreme sports or likes to hike, zipline, skateboard, or wants to video their activities would benefit from the PapaGo GoLife Extreme video camera.

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