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Review of Moo Business Cards


Review of Moo Business Cards

If you’re considering buying business cards, Moo is sure to have come up as an option, whether on Google search, via recommendation, or via ads after you searched for ‘business cards’.

While Moo cards certainly look great on a website, you might be wondering if they’re worth it. After all, at $19.99 for just 50 cards, they’re significantly more expensive than literally any other option. In fact, if you go with Vista Print, you could get as many as 100 cards free.

So, are Moo business cards worth the money? And what makes them stand out over regular cards? I purchased Moo business cards to use for my own personal business, and am reviewing them for The High Tech Society.

What Are Moo Business Cards?

Moo is a premium print company offering a range of stationery products including business cards, flyers, leaflets, and more. They focus on offering premium business cards, and offer design and layout templates, drag and drop tools, and the ability to simply upload your existing PDF or JPG image to your cards.

Moo allows an intensive amount of customization, including adding NFC, QR codes, rounded corners, mini cards, and much more.

My Moo Business Cards Review

I purchased the basic option “Business Cards, Original – Matte”. These are also available in gloss, but I prefered the matte.

Moo business cards

Shipping Time – While Moo warned me that I might not get my cards for 14 days, I received them just 5 days after placing the order. That’s incredibly fast shipping. However, my products do not have extensive images on them, so the print is likely faster than if you were to create cards with more images.

moo business card thickness

350 gsm

Quality – I’ve attended several events with these cards and somehow mine are always the highest quality. At 350 gsm (compared to the standard 200 gsm) these cards stand out. Plus the ink and production quality looks quality, even if you don’t know anything about print. They also come with a free cardboard holder, which is better than most premium holders you’d get for $5-ish.

Moo business card holder

Print Quality – Moo definitely makes all of their cards look professional by printing and then adding a top coat to their cards. This final finishing step is one that you won’t find anywhere else. Out of my first 50 cars, approximately zero were misprinted, which is the first time I’ve had a completely error free business card order in the history of my ordering business cards.

Price – Moo is definitely on the higher end for business cards and stationery, and as a result, they might not be worth it for everyone. However, if you work in a career where you have to stand out, show that you are very professional, or can afford to splurge a little on nice stationery, Moo definitely has a lot to offer.

Overall, Moo stands out for their extensive customization options, high quality paper, and high quality print. This makes them ideal for my purpose, which is to impress. I will definitely be ordering again. These are without a doubt the best cards I’ve ever ordered.

Moo Coupons

Moo offers a referral program allowing you to earn coupons throughout the lifespan of your Moo account, by referring other people. All you have to do is create an account and start showing people your cards to get started.