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Review of – LinkedIn’s Endorsed Learning Platform


Review of – LinkedIn’s Learning Platform

If you’re a professional and spend any amount of time online, you probably can’t miss the fact that massive open online courses are extremely popular, and their platforms are increasing almost more quickly than you can keep track of them. Professional development courses are available for free and for paid rates on Coursera, Ex.Ex, Skillsology, and many, many more. is another one of those courses, offering premium courses on a monthly subscription basis, allowing users to access unlimited data and information online and offline. Premium subscribers pay $29.99 a month or more, to access videos, downloadable content, and much more.

If you’re thinking about signing up, the following review of should help you.

What is offers over 3000 individual courses, many of which are an hour to several hours in length, to over 20 hours in length. Courses are uploaded weekly by content creators, but you can start anywhere, take courses in your own time, and watch videos while reading transcripts to learn. If you have a premium account, you also get downloadable content to study, but it is mostly the same content as the video.

Video classes involve video of the person talking, screencaps with instructions, and are very similar to an online webinar of a lecture, and are generally good quality. Audio quality varies from course to course.

Course Content – Most courses are broken down into short videos of a few minutes to over 20 minutes, and typically include a transcript of the spoken video, text on screen to reinforce and enhance the lecture, and that’s it. You can listen, take notes, and watch the video as many times as you want. The courses are also autoplay, so you can watch the entire course through in one sitting if you can (although this isn’t possible under normal circumstances with the longer courses). You will have to pay attention, but you can watch it on a tablet, phone, or your computer, and take notes on a different device. Some courses also have downloadable content which supplement the course, or allow you to work on your own project to enhance your new skills.

You can also organize your content and the courses you want to study in playlists, which allow you to quickly and easily find your existing skills. You can find them under ‘Course History’ which shows completed courses, course progress, and current course.

Lecturers – Most lecturers on are industry experts rather than teachers. This allows you to develop professional skills from courses developed by professionals, which leads to a direct approach lesson, usually focused on skills rather than theory. Most courses, especially Adobe and software courses, expect you to have that software on hand, so you can practice and learn with it while watching the lesson, and while reviewing the lesson.

Follow Up– has no follow up, no verification of learnings, and no questionnaire or testing after the course. This means that verifying that you learned content is purely up to you. This is a definite drawback for employers and potential employers looking to verify skills, but not a problem if the person taking the course can prove that they learned the material by demonstrating the skills.

Certification – offers a certification of completion, which tells anyone who sees it that you finished watching all of the lectures. To earn this, you have to watch every video in a completed course. However, with no questionnaire or testing at the end, it only proves that you completed the lectures.

Who Is It Good For? has some in depth tutorials, and is an excellent professional development tool for graphics, cad cam, learning software, audio editing, video editing, data analysis, general software, marketing, and much more. However, with no end of course tests, no study material other than the video and transcript, and no way to prove that you’ve actually learned the material from the lessons, is primarily good for personal development and learning skills, rather than earning certifications to prove you have those skills.

The site is also fairly unique in that courses are shorter, allowing you to get started with less time investment, available on-demand, so you won’t have to log on and study at a specific time, and often provided by leading brands, names, and personalities in their industries. Not all courses are high quality, but most are at least valuable for learning the skill in question.

Essentially, is a great fit if you want to learn a skill, but don’t necessarily care about professional certification. If you have the time to follow multiple courses and learn them, it’s also valuable, because you can pay a flat rate for as many courses as you decide to take. is primarily a skill development platform aimed at professional and personal development for those who want to grow their skill sets, or improve existing skillsets, but who aren’t worried about professional certification. It’s also extremely well organized, offers plenty of classes, and has high quality lessons compared to the price. Overall, it’s one of the best quality video learning platforms you can choose from