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Review of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro


Review of EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro

EaseUs is a software company with a couple of different programs including Data Recovery, Partition Managers, and Backup Software. They asked us to review their data recovery software on Windows, which is also available for Mac, iOS, and Android. I installed the program on my Windows 7 and then tested it out with a couple of different files and file types, as well as an external drive and a flash drive. Keep reading to find out what I thought of it.


Review of EaseUs Data Recovery Software

This installed while I was trying to open my Snipping Tool to screen cap it – You can also see here that the English is not perfect

I was actually impressed by how quickly EaseUs installed. While there were around 12 pages to click through before I actually got to the install, once you do that, it literally installed in about 45 seconds. No worries about waiting with this.


Review of EaseUs Data Recovery Software

From the start it is obvious that EaseUs is not made by an English speaking software company. There are noticeable grammar and English usage oddities right from the installation page, but this does not affect the use or functionality of the software.

Review of EaseUs Data Recovery Software

I would also like to note that if you’re not really tech savvy then this program might be confusing for you. There isn’t a great deal of self explanatory materials, but if you just start clicking things then you will figure out what’s where. However, as EaseUs does access your system files, you don’t really want to go too crazy with clicking.

Review of EaseUs Data Recovery Software


There are three different options for recovering files from the Ease Us Data Recovery menu and these include single files, the entire drive, or partition recovery.


Recovering Files – If you want to recover files off of a single hard drive then you can do so by clicking ‘Recover Files’ and then choosing the drive that you want to recover off of. You then have to choose a folder, tell it to look for files inside of that folder, and then save the files to somewhere else. EaseUs warns that you should save them to another hard drive, so you may want to have a flash drive handy when you complete the process. I found that while EaseUs worked with recovering files from my computers drive, it could not find any files on my flash drive which had some 10 GB of data on it.

Review of EaseUs Data Recovery Software

Recovering the Whole Drive – I ran the recovering the whole drive function on my flash drive that I mentioned above, and with 10GB of data, the process took around 25 minutes but it did find everything. I was able to save the files directly onto my computer from the drive with no problems whatsoever. While it did take a little while, that is to be expected. It also allowed me to choose which specific files that I wanted to save rather than automatically assuming that I wanted everything on the drive.

Review of Ease Us Data Recovery

Ease Us is not perfect but it does offer some very tangible solutions to anyone who’s lost data or files on their hard drive or external drive. EaseUs is fairly fast, works well, and doesn’t have a problem working with different file formats and types, and allows you to save files onto different drives and flash drives, so you won’t have to worry about loosing it again. At $69.95-$89.95 it isn’t cheap but it is a solution, especially if the drives with all of your photos are corrupted. You can also try the Ease Us free Data Recovery tool to see if it will solve your problems before you pay.

You can download your copy at if you want to try it out.