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Review of Bioshock Infinite – A True Bioshock Sequel


Review of Bioshock Infinite – A True Bioshock Sequel 

It’s the game I’ve been waiting for since 2010 after standing in line for hours, finally walking home with Bioshock 2, and playing it straight through without any sleep. And now I’m going to write a review of Bioshock Infinite, the third release in what has to be my favorite game series ever. I will admit that I was excited, in fact, I even took the precaution of pre-ordering Bioshiock 3 the day the pre-order was available. I naturally pre-ordered the game download off of Amazon so that I would have it the second the game was available for play.Unfortunately their release timing wasn’t quite right as I had to travel home for Easter and just got to start playing the magical game that is Bioshock Infinite this Monday, so much for the pre-order. Here is my review of Bioshock Infinite.

review of bioshock infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is the sequel to Bioshock and Bioshock 2, as such it has a lot to hold up to. Irrational games released the title on March 26th. The plot follows Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent as he sets out on a mission to rescue a woman named Elizabeth from the flying city of Columbia. Booker discovers that she holds world altering abilities and he learns to use some of them. The plot also contains a lot of religious and social aspects that mirror many of the problems found in our own society.

Overall, I would say that the plot is the weakest part of this masterpiece, it does get a bit muddled here and there so don’t expect a clear cut hugely linear plot. One of the most annoying things about the game is that most of the backstory is introduced through a voice on elevators which is nice, but I think the game would have definitely benefited from scenes similar to those found in the end placed throughout the game. But with a heady theme that speaks to the heart of most of us (How far can a good person be pushed until they forget what they are fighting for?) and a simply stunning scenery in the floating city (sorry Rapture, you don’t quite compare) the plot is definitely an immersing and beautiful experience.

Best of all, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency actually existed, so there are a lot of great realism points thrown in with the fantasy.  Without any spoilers, you start out in a lighthouse and are hired to rescue ‘the girl’. The plot of the game follows around this theme, while exploring larger social issues at the same time. Uncomfortable issues are depicted graphically well in the content so be prepared.

review of bioshock infinite

Bioshiock Infinite Gameplay

You can play this game for hours on end. Bioshock Infinite is the sort of game that will keep you up long past any semblance of reasonable bed time so if you have responsibilities in the morning, you might want to hold off on playing, you won’t be able to put it down.

As a first person shooter, Bioshock Infinite performs fabulously well, and my review is definitely giving it credit but the game is about much more than killing. From traveling the marvelous world of Columbia with the Skyhook, to Vigors which mimic the original Bioshock plasmids (magic), there is plenty to do and see that doesn’t actually involve shooting anything.

But with plenty of enemies including gun wielding humans, thematical historical figures, mechanical heavies, and more coming at you from above and below, you’ll definitely have your fair share of shooting as well.

Pros of Bioshock Infinite

Im going to try to sum up my review of Bioshock Infinite here, and am going to try to keep it short, you don’t need a long list of everything that Bioshock 3 does right, you can go ahead and buy it to check it out yourself.

  • Elizabeth is one of the best game characters I’ve ever seen
  • Plenty of weapons, armor, and objects to purchase, loot, and find
  • More fun than the other games – a lot of exploring to do
  • Plenty of action
  • Fun to play
  • Immersive and Quality Plot


Importantly there are also a couple of things I did not like about Bioshock Infinite,

  • Weapons No Longer Change Appearance When Upgraded (I loved this feature and Irrational games (irrationally) killed it.
  • Download version of Bioshock Infinite sometimes stutters which you can fix by increasing frame rate and texture pool or by disabling background texture streaming
  • Relatively short at 10-12 hours Gameplay
  • No decisions
  • Environment is relatively non-interactive
  • Bad Guys are pretty similar to each other

review of bioshock infinite

Review of Bioshock Infinite

So what is my final review of Bioshock Infinite? I think that if you’re looking for a fabulous sequel to Bioshock 2 then you’ve found it. Bioshock Infinite is if anything, better than its prequels, and you can have a blast playing it. Once you finish the game, you can replay in hard mode, or unlock the 1999 Mode with the built in Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, (Cancel), (Confirm) so you can play it again. Hard mode is definitely the best way to play (the most fun) and it does take a little longer than your first round on normal.

If you want a fully immersive and interactive game like Skyrim or Dragon Age, I would however suggest that you go with one of those games instead. Bioshock Infinite is very much true to its predecessors in that it isn’t based in an interactive world. The plot is very linear and you get exactly that.

I would definitely give my Bioshock Infinite review a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, although maybe a 4 due to the fact that it is so short and it took 5 years to make, but it is definitely worth your time. As a fan of the series, Bioshock Infinite is everything I had hoped it would be.