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Review of AppleXSoft Hard Drive Copy on a Windows Computer


Review of AppleXSoft Hard Drive Copy on a Windows Computer

AppleXSoft is a program that allows you to create a bootable clone of your hard drive and then launch it on another computer. This is useful in case you have to move to a new computer, in case you want to store your data on another drive in case of a system failure, or in case you simply want to upgrade your computer without losing your data. AppleXSoft does sound like it would be Mac only software, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they support both Mac and Windows including 7, 8, and XP. Because it’s always handy to be able to back up your data and I have a spare computer that I use for backups, I figured why not try it and set up a bootable clone of my computer in case anything goes wrong in the future. This review is on a Windows 7 computer.

applexsoft review


AppleXSoft has a ton of features, all of which logically revolve around creating a clone of your hard drive. These features include:

  • One Click Migration
  • Disk Partition/Deletion
  • Advanced Disk/Partition Migration
  • Bad Sector Scan
  • Files/Folder Migration

Overall a very thorough list of features that allow you to scan for errors before making the clone, to choose which files you would like to transfer, or to do a quick and easy transfer of your entire drive onto a new disc.

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One Click Migration – Fairly simple to use although to be fair you actually have to click four or five times by selecting a drive, clicking next, selecting a drive to clone onto, and then clicking next again.

Disk Partition/Deletion – Very easy to use and allows you to delete parts of your computer that you would not like to transfer.

Advanced Disk/Partition Migration – Allows you to choose specific partitions of your drive to use for the clone.

Files/Folder Migration – Allows you to migrate specific files instead of your entire drive.

Bad Sector Scan – Scans for disc errors and problems that might affect your clone. In my experience it took about two hours and forty minutes to scan a drive with 565 GB of data on it.

AppleXSoft review


All in all, AppleXSoft offers a pretty thorough set of features that are not bad for the price.

Creating a Bootable Clone

Creating a bootable clone with AppleXSoft is a fairly simple process that only takes a few steps. You start out by launching the software and then choosing whether you want to run a sector scan before creating your drive. I chose too and the process took two hours and found no problems so I proceeded with creating my bootable drive. Simply click the migration option of your choice (I chose the file option because I do not have a 750 GB spare drive lying around at the moment, and picked something that would fit onto my smaller USB flash drive.


AppleXSoft Review

AppleXSoft Review


AppleXSoft offers a very easy way to create a clone of your hard drive. Whether you want to create backups for work or you want to put your old computer on a new one, it is a great piece of software. AppleXSoft installs quickly, works as advertised, and is great for backups.You don’t need technical experience to use it and the interface is fairly simple. Plus, you can really set things up quite quickly by just checking a few boxes and clicking next. AppleXSoft is easy to use which is where it really shines.


AppleXSoft is not fast, but then no computer transfer software is. While it is a great deal for anyone who wants to create multiple backups or run continuous backups, AppleXSoft can be a little pricey for anyone who just wants to transfer one old drive onto a new drive. Another con of AppleXSoft is that drives and partitions in the menu can be a little confusing for anyone who does not know what is on their computer. For example the main drive and any partitions on the drive are not labeled which means that the user has to go by the size in gB of the drive. However, external drives are named which makes it a lot easier to choose. I also noticed that while you can continue to use your computer during a scan or while creating a clone, the progress window does not minimize. You can however drag it to the side of your screen and ignore it as best as possible.

Last but not least, you do need an empty drive or one that you are willing to sacrifice the data on if you want to create a clone. For this reason I would recommend that you never clone directly to another computer in case of an error. Instead, clone to an external hard drive and boot from there.

AppleXSoft Costs $59.99 but is sometimes discounted to $49.95.