Retrovision Review: Is It Legit? What Does It Offer? 

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Retrovision Review: Is It Legit? What Does It Offer? 

Retrovision Review: Is It Legit? What Does It Offer? is a popular free movie streaming site offering a great in terms of an extensive classic movie library. With a collection of black and whites and films primarily pre-1960s, the site is ideal for classic film and TV lovers.  

Whether you’re looking to explore old films, want something to watch that’s free and legal, or want to see specific vintage films, sites like Retrovision offer a promising way to do so. However, with courts ruling that streaming can be prosecuted similarly to downloading torrents, it is crucial that you ensure any site you stream from is legitimate and not infringing on copyright.  

Is Retrovision Legit?

Retrovision offers a wide variety of vintage movies, the newest of which mostly date to the 1980s. However, all of them are in the public domain, typically uploaded directly onto Retrovision’s site. This means that Retrovision is completley legit and watching films on the site is legal.  

What Does Retrovision Offer?

With all of its films in the public domain, Retrovision’s primary catalogue includes movies from the 1940s and earlier. With some films from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, there is some variety, but black and white and silent films make up the majority of the streaming library.  

All of the movies are grouped into categories like Classic TV, SCi-Fi, Horror, and Western – and then further divided into subcategories to make it easy for you to browse or to find something specific. Unlike some alternative sites, Retrovision also uses a search bar so you can look up any films you want.  

What About the Library?

Retrovision offers an extensive video library with TV and movies. While you won’t see any modern blockbusters, you will see Star Treck, Lucy Ball, Wallace and Grommet, Popeye, Dick Tracey, and many other classic and iconic films and shows of the past.  

Movie streaming is mostly low quality, but with films averaging at over 40-almost 100 years old, that should be expected.  

The website itself is a classic WordPress site, so you can comment, view movies, and share them directly to your social media.  

Speed and Buffering

Unlike many competitors, Retrovision uploads movies to its own servers. This is an advantage if you want to stay off YouTube but a disadvantage in that you may experience longer load times and buffering than through another site.  

However, I personally had no problems, only a 3-10 second wait with starting films and with skipping ahead. That isn’t bad and is comparable to some premium sites.  

Classic UHF

Classic UHF is a Retrovision app available for Android. The app allows you to watch classic films on Chromecast but may not support the full Retrovision library.  

Retrovision offers a large library of classic films and with only minimal ads in the header, footer, and sidebar, no spammy links, and no hosting off-page, is an ideal solution for watching the classics on a tablet or mobile device. The site is also completely legal, offers a quality search experience, and user comments.  


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