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ReTouchMe Review – The Photo Editing App for Android and iOS


ReTouchMe Review – The Photo Editing App for Android and iOS

Most of us have, at times, wished we had mad photoshop skills, whether to make photos more creative and fun or just to clean up an otherwise great picture. If that’s you, ReTouchMe is a photo editing app that advertises on-demand photoshop, with low-cost retouching handled through an application on your phone or browser.

They asked us to review the app which I did.

What is Retouch-me

retouchme app

Retouchme brands itself as a photo editing app, but once you download it, you’ll quickly find that you can’t make any changes yourself. Instead, you upload a picture, choose the edits you want, and then submit it for retouching.

The process takes 15 minutes, after which you’ll have full access to an unwatermarked photo with your requested edits.

How Much Does Retouchme cost?

While the app itself is free, you’ll have to a minimum of 20 credits, or 99 cents in the USA and 1,09 in Europe. You can also earn free credits by liking Retouchme on Facebook and Instagram and by watching 30 second ads, which earn you one credit each. So, for ten minutes of your time, you can get a free basic retouch with 1-4 changes depending on what you choose. You can also purchase credits to get as many as 150 edits for $50 or earn free credits by watching ads.

Watching 30 second ads earns you 1 credit

What’s Offered? Retouchme offers face and body edits, with options divided into Body, Face, Background, and Fun. In the case of the first 2, retouches are rated based on how many credits they cost:


  • Slimmer Waist – 5 credits
  • Flat Stomach – 5 credits
  • Bigger Breasts – 5 credits
  • Better Butt – 5 credits
  • Less Hips – 5 credits
  • Remove fat folds (love handles) 10 credits
  • Remove cellulite – 10 credits
  • Thinner arms – 10 credits
  • Thinner legs – 10 credits
  • Longer legs – 10 credits
  • Add tan – 20 credits
  • Iron clothes – 20 credits
  • Gain muscles – 10 credits
  • Remove tattoos – 20 credits
  • Special for Men – 10 credits


  • Less Wrinkles – 10 credits
  • Remove Pimples – 5 credits
  • Thinner Face – 10 credits
  • Remove Puffy Eyes – 10 credits
  • Whiten Teeth – 15 credits
  • Remove Braces – 30 credits
  • Hair Volume (up or down) 10 credits
  • Cover grey hair – 20 credits
  • Enlarge eyes – 10 credits
  • Remove red eye – 5 credits
  • Enlarge lips – 10 credits
  • Make a smile – 15 credits
  • Anti-glare – 10 credits
  • Remove shadow – 15 credits
  • Nose correction – 10 credits
  • Reduce ears – 10 credits

RetouchMe also has a background service option (bespoke) and a Fun service option (also bespoke) which you can order with other retouches. Most of these options are available with a sliding scale of intensity, so you can choose natural looking or not.

RetouchMe Review

If you’re thinking about using ReTouchMe, you want to know that the edits you get are good. I tried out the service, opting for a slight face slimming (I didn’t notice the tan option or I would have gone for that) and removing puffy eyes. The process took less than 15 minutes, and here are the results.

Before > After
(I clearly made bad choices for my face)

Under my eyes look noticeably better, but the lines and wrinkles from chronically under sleeping are far from gone. I also noticed that while my face does look slimmer, the wall around my cheekbones has moved, so you might want to be a little cautious when choosing dramatic retouches (people will notice if they don’t fix the background).

Overall the service is good and certainly better priced than choosing nearly any other similar service. For as little as $1, you can clean up a photo, have pimples removed, give yourself a tan, or make a basic photo look more professional for use with a resume or your LinkedIn. There’s a lot you can do with this kind of service and the results were better than you can get with most apps, which would usually remove lines under your face by adding light.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. If you watch 10 ads and Like Retouchme on Facebook and Instagram you can try the service for free and make up your own mind.

The Retouchme photo editing app is available for use on Android and iOS devices. There is also a web version that will be released soon.