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How to Restore Your Kindle or Fire Tablet to Factory Default


How to Restore Your Kindle or Fire Tablet to Factory Default

Whether you’re having software problems, cannot access your tablet, or need to reset to sell or gift your tablet to someone else, there are several ways to reset an Amazon tablet to factory default. Wiping your device is an easy way to remove software issues and bugs, especially if you’re running into persistent issues with older devices, like the battery showing a 0% charge, even when it’s fully charged. Luckily, resets are fairly easy and can be completed with just a few steps.

Resetting Your Kindle or Fire Tablet

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap “Device Options”
  4. Tap “Reset to Factory Defaults”
  5. Tap “Reset”
  6. Wait for it to reset.

You will lose book progress, app and game progress, and other details when you do this, so be sure to take steps to either back up your Kinde Fire or save your progress in some other way. Resetting will take anywhere from a few minutes to upwards of 10 depending on the number of files, the age of the device, your internet connection, and other details. Once you reset, you can usually simply log back into your device using your existing Amazon account to re-access all of your Amazon files and content.

How to Reset Your Kinde Fire If You’ve Forgotten Your Pin

If you have set a security PIN or password on your Kinde or Fire tablet, but you’ve forgotten it, there’s a relatively easy workaround. All you have to do is reset the tablet.

  1. Plug your Kindle Fire into your computer and back up your files
  2. Charge the battery to at least 30%
  3. Tap to open the lock screen and swipe from the right side of the screen
  4. Enter an incorrect password or PIN
  5. Re-enter an incorrect password or pin 5+ Times
  6. Accept the prompt to reset your Kindle

What Should You Know Before Resetting an Amazon Device?

Resetting your Amazon tablet will wipe all of your files, remove you from the deice, and set it up as factory. This means that you may have to install updates and security updates after your reset. You will also have to re log in, may have to complete the registry process again, and, once you log in, will have to re-download any files you want on the device. If you’ve saved your settings, you can re-download them through the cloud. However, passwords and other secure data will be wiped permanently – so make sure that you write them down before resetting.
Amazon has pretty strong security controls, so if you’re trying to reset a device that has been reported as stolen, resetting it won’t gain you access to Amazon’s store. All Amazon blocks work based on the device’s serial number, not on your account – although both may be blacklisted.

If you’re going to reset your device, consider clicking through to page 3 first to learn how to back up your files and books before doing so.