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Restaurant Apps for iPhone – The Top 5 Right Here!

Restaurant Apps for iPhone: The Top 5 Right Here!

Have you ever opened your iPhone, went into its app store, and became overwhelmed at the amount of restaurant apps there were? I mean, all you wanted to do was to find a new restaurant to try, but one less than stellar restaurant app download, and you end up hungry and ready to chuck your iPhone out the window. Have no fear though, we are here to give you some of the most popular, top restaurant apps for your iPhone. Your stomach will thank you for this one, promise.

iPhone apps for restaurant best

1.  Urban spoon– This one is pretty cool, and super easy to use. Whether you are visiting a new city or checking out a new place in your hometown, this restaurant app interacts with your iPhones GPS to locate restaurants, map them out and give you reviews, price ranges and even menus. Don’t know what you’re in the mood for? Give your iPhone a shake, and it will choose one for you. Best part about this restaurant app? It’s completely free.

2.  FoodSpotting– If you are not a big fan of Urban Spoon, you can give Food Spotting a try instead. This restaurant app takes a whole different approach too, instead of giving reviews, users and “guides” take pictures of the food that they order and link in to the restaurant. There are plenty of drool worthy pictures that are sure to get your stomach growling. A picture may be worth a thousand words, and this restaurant app has plenty, but it won’t be costing you anything at all.

3.  VegOut– Are you among those who do not eat meat? Or animal byproducts at all? This restaurant app is for you. It searches out and finds you vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants and will even locate them using your GPS too. Then it will give you user ratings and reviews, and restaurant information so you can find the best restaurant for you. This app will only run you $2.99, not bad for finding a restaurant that doesn’t compromise your take on food.

4.  Open Table– Okay so this one isn’t a restaurant app finder, but it is still equally important. It gives you the tools to make a reservation for over 15,000 participating restaurants. How does it work? Bring up the app and you will see a real-time availability schedule where you can simply add you and your party too it. Then it will send an email to you and your party confirming your reservation. Not sure if it’s the restaurant you want? Open Table gives you menus to all its restaurants so you can choose. Reservation? Made. Invitations? Sent. Free App? Oh yes.

5.  Tipulater– This is an especially important one. Don’t ever get left scribbling math on the side of your receipt again. This restaurant app will calculate your tip amount instantly. Just input the amount of your check and choose which percentage you want to tip your waiter and presto! Tip amount calculated. Not only does it do that, you can choose to have it split your check or tip as well. For .99 for the app, your life just got a little bit easier.

So, now that we have given you some of the Top restaurant apps for iPhone, when it comes to restaurants, get to downloading! These restaurant apps give you the perfect excuse to hit the town, try a new restaurant, and satisfy your hunger.

Which of these top 5 restaurant apps is your favorite? Is there one that you think we might have missed? Let us know!

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