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How to Register Your Kindle Device and Why it’s Important to Do So

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How to Register Your Kindle DeviceHow to Register Your Kindle Device and Why it’s Important to Do So

Congratulations on your new Kindle device! The first big action you must take with your Kindle is to register it. You may be feeling a little lost when the register screen pops up. When you know how to register your Kindle device you will be surprised at how simple it is to do. Most Kindle devices have a similar registration process so if you decide to switch to a different product you will still be able to follow these steps.

Why Should You Register Your Kindle Device?

It’s important to register your Kindle device for many reasons. The most important reason is so that new items can be downloaded to your Kindle quickly and easily. When you register your eReader you will be able to download books directly from the Amazon marketplace. It will also give you access to the cloud feature that lets you save your books online. This way if you run out of room on your Kindle you can upload them to the cloud and then download them at a later time. This will also give you a place to have your books if your Kindle gets stolen, broken or if you are not with your device. Amazon has an application that you can download for your computer that will let you read your Kindle books online.

If for some reason you must send your Kindle for any kind of technical problems, Amazon support will be able to transfer your books and documents to your new device because you took the time to register your Kindle device. The registration process will help the Amazon personnel identify how long it’s been since the product was purchased. They’ll use it to see if your device is still in warranty and what exactly they can do to help you. All Kindle devices come with a limited warranty that covers manufacturers defects and malfunctions that are not caused by you repeatedly slamming your Kindle against a wall.

Do You Have an Amazon account?

Before you can register your Kindle you will need an Amazon account. The Kindle is an Amazon product and by registering through Amazon you will gain access to many free things that are offered to Kindle users. If you have an Amazon account you will be prompted to enter in the email address that is used for your Amazon account. If you don’t have an Amazon account it is easy to create one on your computer, but it can also be completed on your Kindle device. Creating an Amazon account will require an email address and your name.

Now, Connect to WiFi and Let’s Get Started!

In order for the registration process to begin you will need to be connected to wifi. You can choose at that time to set up your personal wi-fi information immediately or you can wait to do it later. After connecting, the Kindle will ask if you are ready to register your device. Click on “Yes” and type in your Amazon account name and password.  Simply click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen to continue through the registration process.

The next screen to pop up will ask you to type in the serial product number. The serial number you must type will be on the outside of the Kindle box your eReader came in. After verifying you’ve typed in the correct number, click on the button that says “Register a new Kindle”. That’s it! You have followed the steps and learned how to register your Kindle device. It was hopefully easy and you will pleased with the benefits of your eReader.

The registration process takes a few short moments. Although it is suggested that you register your Kindle device immediately it is not necessary to do so unless you plan to download books from Amazon. You also have other options besides downloading books from the Amazon marketplace. You can transfer books onto your device from your computer using the USB cord that is typically provided with Kindle devices.

The methods that must be followed to register your Kindle device are short and uncomplicated. You must have an Amazon account to register your device so don’t forget to sign up for one. Have fun with your new Kindle and be sure to review this information if you feel like you missed a step.