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Review of Ranierland

Ranierland is a large and popular online media streaming site, typically catering to users who want to stream new releases for free. If you’re looking for a place to stream these kinds of movies, Ranierland might seem like a great site, but is it safe, is it legit, and is it legal?

The answers to all three of these questions are unfortunately, no. Ranierland is an illegal streaming site that offers new releases, often through cam rips (movies recorded with a camera in a theater). It is also an unsafe site which frequently links to phishing and malware sites using buttons that appear to be part of the site.

What is Ranierland?

Ranierland is an online streaming site that offers access to new releases, including films still in the theater. You can typically stream or download any film on the site for free, with some risk of downloading a virus or malware with the movie should you choose to download.

Most people find the site by looking for new releases to stream, and if you found it in this way, you’re probably wondering if it’s too good to be true.

Is Ranierland Legit?

No. Ranierland streams pirated media, some of which is highly illegal. For example, some videos on the site are still in theaters and are uploaded in the form of cam rips. Any cam rip is automatically illegal and while you won’t likely get in trouble for streaming it, it is still illegal.

In addition, all of the movies on the site are very new. This means that they are all copyrighted, and streaming them without licensing is illegal as it does not appear that Ranierland has any kind of licensing.

Can You Get in Legal Trouble for Streaming on Ranierland?

Historically, prosecutions for media streaming alone are fairly rare. However, times are changing, and several people have been prosecuted for streaming media as piracy. Many piracy laws could soon be updated to include media streaming on sites like Ranierland, which means that you could be taken to court similarly to when you download films or media via bit torrent or if you did so on Usenet.

Is Ranierland Safe?

While browsing Ranierland won’t hurt your computer, the site is full of links to fraudulent websites, including malware and phishing sites. Clicking on buttons on the site often creates popups which take you to phishing sites or which attempts to download malware onto your computer. When you click on an innocent looking button, you may be redirected to sites that have nothing to do with what the button stated.

Why Would Ranierland Deceive Users?

Ranierland attempts to earn money from ads but, because they offer illegitimate content, they cannot use high quality ad networks. As a result, they get links to sites that typically try to scam money or to sites that download malware to your computer.

If you use Ranierland, you should exercise caution, use a popup blocker, and ensure that your computer has a firewall and a functioning antivirus.

Ranierland offers free movie streaming for new releases and unfortunately, there isn’t really a legal alternative. However, with the dual risk of infecting your computer and possibly running into legal trouble, it likely isn’t worth the considerable risk to use the site.