What is Putlocker? Is it Safe and Legal to Use?  

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What is Putlocker? Is it Safe and Legal to Use?  

What is Putlocker? Is it Safe and Legal to Use?

Putlocker is one of the largest websites in the world, popular for a variety of reasons, but mostly for streamign media such as TV shows and movies. If you’re considering using it you’re probably wondering a few things, like is Putlocker safe and legal to use?

While the answers to those questions are slightly less indeterminate than a clear yes or no, the basics of it are that you can most likely use Putlocker without problems. However, you should understand that streaming media on Putlocker is a bit of a grey area, and you could run into issues with popups or potentially legal issues if current laws or regulations change.  

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a website that hosts an index of online files, which can be downloaded, viewed, or streamed through the site. Putlocker rarely hosts any of its own content, although it can host content, and mostly acts as an active directory of links to file hosting services and sites. You can think of it kind of like a large telephone book, where you can access all of the content, but nothing is really stored on the site.  

While Putlocker supports a wide variety of media, it is most often used to share movies and TV shows, which are often streamed illegally.  

Is Putlocker Illegal?

Putlocker has a long history of run-ins with the law in many different countries. For example, in the UK, the site was banned for several years before being reinstated.  

Putlocker itself is not illegal. Hosting web content and allowing people to view it is not illegal in any way. However, Putlocker, like Kodi, typically links to illegal or pirated content and is possibly responsible for as much as 17% of all illegal streaming. This has led to significant media and legal attention, to the point where Putlockers domains have been seized multiple times, and the site regularly moves to new countries to seek out asylum from less strict piracy laws.  

What does that mean for you? Not actually a great deal under current media laws. In the United States, streaming media is not against the law even if it has been uploaded illegally, because you are not responsible for verifying the legitimacy of something online. However, this could change as media streaming laws change. You can check our article on the subject here 

Is Putlocker Safe?

Putlocker is almost entirely safe. However, you may run into popups and if you download content, it may include viruses. If you stream content on the site, you are very unlikely to download viruses or run into any other problems.  

In addition, you are unlikely to get into trouble with the law. Putlocker can be used for legal purposes and the site stores data in Iceland. In case of a server raid, you would likely have your IP exposed, but with no proof of illegal activity on the site, you likely would not face legal repercussions.  

What if I get a Letter from My ISP?

If your Internet Service Provider sends you a letter regarding your use of Putlocker you can ignore it. The use of sending letters as a notification of illegal streaming use was part of the 6 strikes law, which has been discontinued. Your ISP cannot legally follow up with anything more than a letter. However, laws will eventually change.  

Should I Use Putlocker?

You can use Putlocker to stream legal media. However, we do not recommend that you use it to stream pirated content. While it can be tempting to access movies and media for free, this may eventually result in repercussions. Instead, you could consider using a free and legal streaming service or consider paying for a premium streaming service like Amazon Prime.  


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