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What is PureFlix and How Can I Use It?

If you or a friend are in search of Christian or Christian-based movies and TV to watch or for your family, PureFlix is one of the largest providers you can choose. The website belongs to the PureFlix studio, who produce, acquire (purchase licensing) and distribute Christian movies and shows through their website, as well as through apps for the Amazon Fire stick.

What is PureFlix?

PureFlix is a movie studio and producer, who originally created Christian faith-based movies and TV located in Arizona. They later developed into distribution as well, and now offer subscriptions to, where you can view media on-demand, with a streaming solution similar to Netflix.

How Much Does PureFlix Cost? – Membership plans start out at $7.99 per month for on-demand streaming of 2,000 + titles (added to occasionally), all of which are Christian-based. You can also choose to pay $92.99 for a full year subscription.

Titles are organized into categories including educational, faith, and kids, with several hundred titles available exclusively on PureFlix.

While movies vary considerably, PureFlix offers several very popular options including God’s Not Dead (1 and 2), Exodus, The Encounter, and Jerusalem Countdown.

How Can You Watch It?

Pureflix is available for on-demand streaming online and on most devices that support television streaming. This includes a computer, any smart TV that supports the app, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, and more. You can also download an app for Kodi to stream your PureFlix to your TV, even if your smart TV device is not supported.

For almost every device, you simply download the app onto your smart TV from the supported store (Amazon, Roku, Apple, Google, etc.), log in, and you can immediately access your account and subscription.

What About Streaming Quality?

The PureFlix website and apps are very easy to use and generally stream in very high quality, providing you have decent Internet.

PureFlix Apps

PureFlix offers apps for iPhone and Android phones, however, they do vary in quality. In some cases, they glitch and you might not be able to watch movies on them at all. Some users have issues with black screens, slow loading times, and automatically closes. Therefore, if you are planning to get PureFlix to watch on a phone or tablet, you may want to skip as the experience is not good for every user.

Is PureFlix Worth It?

Pureflix only offers about 2,000 films, which is significantly less than any of their competitors. This is a definite disadvantage over Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, each of which offer more than twice that in terms of catalogue size.

However, catalogue isn’t everything. If you’re looking for Christian films, they are limited on other outlets, and PureFlix has a lot of them. PureFlix can be a good alternative to traditional media, especially if you don’t need to watch the latest releases, or don’t necessarily expect a constant stream of new media a’la Netflix and Amazon Prime exclusive releases.

PureFlix does have over 10,000 subscribers and a strong and loyal customer base, which makes them more than worth it for many users.

If you are considering signing up for PureFlix, be aware that the free trial is limited and you cannot watch all of the content.