Pros and Cons of the Wii U


Pros and Cons of the Wii U

The Wii U is a unique video game console characterized by its main controller which doubles as a handheld gaming device. While it does not work out of the same room with the Wii U itself, it allows for varied and unique gameplay that you can enjoy on a small or large screen. It also offers the best of Nintendo games including Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and more. But is it worth the money?


Handheld Controller – The touchscreen controller is probably one of the best reasons to own the Wii U, mainly because it’s a lot of fun. You can play on the Wii U while someone else (or you) watches TV via the controller, or you can stream your game to the full screen. You can also use the touch screen for the menu rather than navigating everything with a touch screen. It’s also a fully functioning controller, so you can use it to race cars, run Link up obstacles, or smash things in Donkey Kong. The downside? The battery life will only last you 8-ish hours of play.

The Games – From Donkey Kong to exclusive Legend of Zelda games, the Wii U has all of those games that old people get nostalgic about. And for good reason. They are some of the most fun games on the planet, are challenging, not as graphically violent as many modern games, and still offer great graphics. Many Wii U games also make you think, which is great for both kids and adults.

The Interface – Wii offers a very easy, fun interface, and unlike with many other online game stores (Sony I’m talking to you), scrolling through the digital games list isn’t pure hell. You get to play online without paying an extra fee (Microsoft listen up), and you get a cute Mii to do it with. What else could you want?


It’s Expensive – When you buy an average console it comes with a package of things that you need to get started, like controllers. This doesn’t actually happen with the Wii U unless you buy a bundle. The Wii U only comes with the large handheld controller, which is great for one player. Unfortunately, there are three other options that you may have to purchase as well. Nunchucks, the Pro Controller, and the Wii U Remote Plus, you’re looking at a lot of extra spending. Each of these cost $30-$60 each, which adds up quickly when you have a family of four to six.

Games – Games are also pretty spendy with popular titles like Mario Kart or Zelda running at roughly $60. You can get older games for cheaper, but very few for less than $30. In addition, there aren’t nearly as many games available for the Wii U as there are for many other consoles, which is a bit of a downer if you like to play a lot.

Sounds – Honestly the sound effects get really annoying really quickly. Unless tone beeping is your thing, the mute slider quickly becomes your best friend.


The Wii U is a great console and a lot of fun, but for the family or person on a budget, costs can add up quickly. If you have a reasonably large budget or don’t mind playing one or two games with one controller while you save up for more, then it’s also great.

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