What is PrimeWire? Is it Safe? Is it Legit?  

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What is PrimeWire? Is it Safe? Is it Legit?  

What is PrimeWire? Is it Safe? Is it Legit?

PrimeWire is one of hundreds of online movie streaming sites, but also one of the popular. Anyone searching for movie streaming on Reddit or a similar site is sure to not only find it, but find it praised. However, as a general user, you likely have a lot of questions regarding PrimeWire, how it works, and whether or not you should use it.  

For example, is it safe? Is it legit? And can you get in legal trouble for streaming on the site? The answers to these questions can actually vary quite a bit depending on where you are from.  

What is PrimeWire?

PrimeWire is an online media streaming site, offering free music, movies, and some other media – which you can stream right from a browser or using a Kodi app. The website supports itself using ads, which are present in front of some media and on the sidebar for the site, but otherwise offers media free of charge.  

Typically, when you click on a media file to stream, you will also get a popup ad, which can link to a relatively benign site or to one sharing pornogrpahy, trying to steal your information, or attempting to download a malware program onto your computer. Therefore, the site isn’t always safe. However, you can improve your experience by using an adblocker and a popupblocker on the site.  

Unlike most other streaming sites, PrimeWire offers music as well as movies and TV shows, and enables users to put together their own playlists using files already on the site.  

Is PrimeWire Legit?

PrimeWire has been blocked in some countries for facilitating illegal streaming. However, PrimeWire doesn’t actually upload its own files. Instead, they collate links to multiple sources, typically on the deep web (Not available using search) to link to different places to watch the film or listen to music.  

When you click on a movie on PrimeWire, you still have to choose another site to actually watch it on. This site will open in a new browser tab. This is a very common ‘trick’ used by streaming sites, because by not uploading content themselves, they absolve themselves of most legal responsibility for the legitimacy of the film. If they aren’t violating copyright themselves, only linking to a file that violates copyright, they cannot typically be taken down for copyright violation.  

However, none of the films or music on PrimeWire appear to be legit. All of them are illegally streamed, and if your country prosecutes streaming alongside piracy, you could face legal issues for it if caught.  

What Else?

PrimeWire links out to a lot of different sites, so you do have to be careful. If you choose to use it, make sure you’re running a firewall and an antivirus. If you use it, you should also ensure that you check the reviews on links, and look for high quality ones, that are less likely to link to a dangerous website.  

While PrimeWire does offer free media streaming, all of the content is pirated. We advise that you check for legal movie streaming sites instead.  


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