How to Post in WordPress and Upload Pictures

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How to Post in WordPress and Upload Pictures

How to Post in WordPress and Insert Pictures

how to post in WordPress

If you have a blog, chances are that you also have a WordPress account, or at the very least you will end up having to post in WordPress. WordPress is very popular to for blogs, and is also very popular among writers. As a writer, putting a post in WordPress was one of the first things I was asked to do once I began writing online. Each of my clients has a WordPress site as well, so learning how to post in WordPress has come in very handy for my career. Whether you’re a writer or just someone needing to learn how to upload pictures and post in WordPress, this article and video will get you started.

How to Post in WordPress

If you would prefer to watch the video on how to upload pictures and post in WordPress, you can do that! I have made such a video, and it’s up on YouTube. This video was mainly created for the writers here at, but it can be used for anyone that needs to learn how to post in WordPress. You can of course do both, read the article and watch the video, but I leave this up to you.

Onward we go! So, to post in WordPress you will start by logging into your WordPress account. I also have another video and article that shows you how to do this, especially if you’re an author and would like to setup your author account. Once you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard.’ Now look to the left side of the screen and you will see towards the top ‘Posts.’ Place your mouse on ‘Posts’ and then click on ‘Add New.’

Once the ‘Add New’ page has opened you will see your ‘Add New Post’ screen. Before you add your new post in WordPress it is good to familiarize yourself a bit with the page’s contents. What you see first is ‘Enter title here.’ This is self explanatory and we will be doing that in just a moment. For now, as you look below that box, you will see a large box that has a toolbar and two tabs. The tabs say ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML.’ In the toolbar portion you should click on the last icon in the top row. This will open a second row of tool buttons or close it. You want it open.

Now you’re ready to actually post in WordPress. There are a few ways to post in WordPress. The first one we will do will be by copying and pasting in from a Google document. You can copy and paste it in from any document. To do this, click on the ‘HTML’ tab. Now go and copy your article from your document. You do this by using Control + C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac). You now go back to the ‘HTML’ box and click inside the box. Now press Control + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac), and this will paste your article into the box. Do this too with your title, and paste it into the ‘Enter Title Here’ box.

Once in the box you will now click on the ‘Visual’ tab. In ‘Visual’ you can see your article, and you will see that any heading sizes and links that you had are no longer there. You may also see some other irregularities like a double space or a heading being mixed into the end of a paragraph. These are easy enough to fix, so you just begin at the top and begin fixing any issues. The first to do will be your heading. Highlight the heading you wish to setup and then click on the down button of ‘Paragraph’ in the toolbar. You have the options for different sizes here, for the first heading you usually will choose ‘Heading 1.’ You can now go throughout your article fixing your headline sizes using this same box.

Once you’re done with your headlines you can go back to add any links that may not have come through. To add a link you highlight the word or words that you wish to insert the link into and then clink on the ‘Link’ (looks like a chain link) button in the toolbar. You then paste in the url of the link and click ‘Add Link.’ If it is an internal link, you follow the same directions except when you click on the ‘Link’ box you will now choose a link from inside it’s menu of internal links.

To finish the posting part, just click on your category under the ‘Categories’ box. Before you move on to finish your post in WordPress it is a good idea to hit ‘Save Draft,’ which is up in the right corner of your screen. This will save it as you continue on to now upload a picture in WordPress. The second way to post in WordPress is by clicking on the ‘Word’ or ‘Text’ button in the toolbar. This allows you to copy and paste your Word or Text document into WordPress. The advantage of doing it this way is that you won’t loose any links you had and it may keep your headline sizes.

How to Upload and Insert a Picture in WordPress

Now that you have finished putting your first post in WordPress you will want to add a picture. You can also add screenshots if you’d like, but for now let’s stick with one. To do this you will first put your cursor where you will want the picture to go in the article. For your feature picture you will put the cursor next to the first word or headline of your article. look above the toolbar and find the ‘Upload/Insert’ button. It has a camera icon next to it. Click on ‘Upload/Insert.’

Once it opens you will have several options for uploading or getting your picture. You can choose the way you wish to do so and when your picture loads up you will see the picture and some options. In these options you should add a ‘Title’ to your picture and ‘Alternate Text.’ Also remember to fill in the ‘Description’ box. If you work on a site that uses SEO techniques, like this one, then be sure to use your keywords in each of those fields.

Next you choose where it is aligned. I usually leave it at ‘None,’ and you then choose size. I also will usually choose the default, but you can try ‘Medium’ or ‘Large’ as they are the most common. Now you need to click on ‘Use as Featured Image.’ This is in a blue font. Then click ‘Insert Into Post’ and you’re done. You should see it next to your letters and at the top of where you put your post in WordPress. You can hit the ‘Enter’ button if the words are to the right of the image and you want them to be under the picture. You can also click on the little landscape button at the top of the picture if you wish to re-size it or move it. Remember to now click on ‘Save Draft’ before continuing further.

 SEO Finishing Touches for a Post in WordPress

These last few steps for a post in WordPress are just for those of you that are using SEO. To do this you will follow the instructions of whatever SEO plugin the WordPress site is using. This site uses the SEO Yoast plugin, in which you will then add your keyword, SEO title, meta description and meta keywords. Each step is explained, so it isn’t too difficult to do.

If you’re happy with your post in WordPress you can click on ‘Preview’ in the right corner of the screen. It will open a new window and show you how your article looks. If you like it, then you can just go back into the post and click on ‘Publish’ if it’s ready for immediate release. If you would like to schedule it to go out on a later date, you just click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Publish Immediately.’ You’re all done! You have now made your first post in WordPress and even uploaded pictures. As you get familiar with it you will find it very easy to use.

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