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Popcornflix Movie Streaming Site

Popcornflix Review

Streaming and downloading movies and media free of charge is most often illegal, because websites cannot support expensive movie licensing without an advertising or a paid streaming module. However, there are some websites that do stream legally for free by using Community Commons, indie films with lower licensing costs, films that are out of copyright, and advertisements, which help to pay for licensing costs. Popcornflix is one of those sites, and it offers two free apps for use on Android devices (including Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.) as well as for iOS, allowing you to access and stream their catalogue wherever you are with Internet.

Because Popcornflix does not stream illegally downloaded movies, it is perfectly safe. Instead, the site streams mostly indie films, and maintains a small catalogue of just over 700 films by largely focusing on obscure films that don’t otherwise get a lot of media attention or playtime. As a result, the website sometimes features big stars like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, but is able to offer them for free with short ads.

How Does Popcornflix Work

When you sign up for a Popcornflix account, you agree to watch ads when they are shown, and the website uses this to pay the licensing fees for their media. Because they only have a small library, and they add movies on as they acquire the funds to pay for them, the website is able to operate legally without charging anything to watch the movies.

Popcornflix is also a subsidiary of Screen Media, which already licenses and distributes indie movies. Because they already hold the distribution rights, it costs very little for them to distribute them through this outlet as well.

How good is it?

Popcornflix has a large library. The interface is very easy to use (movies are easy to search and find), and they have plenty of titles that will keep most people busy. While there are no mainstream movies, and you will be highly disappointed if you’re looking for the latest Disney or Marvel film, there is plenty to watch and the site even has content that most people won’t have ever heard of before.

While this does limit Popcornflix’s audience in that most of us want to see the new popular movies, it does mean that Popcornflix is a great alternative if you want to get away from mainstream media to see what everyone else is doing. And Popcornflix has everything from very old movies to new indie films with A-list actors, so there is plenty to see, even if you have never heard of the title before.


Popcornflix does occasionally have trouble with streaming, as some movies will buffer and the quality isn’t always stellar. This can be a concern, but can usually be traced back to the viewer having a poor connection and their streaming method dealing with that poorly. You will experience fewer issues if you have very good WiFi or a wired ethernet connection.

Overall, Popcornflix is one of the best free and legal movie streaming sites out there, especially since it features apps for popular technology, includes a children’s version, and regularly adds new movies. However, if you are looking for popular movies, you won’t find many of them on Popcornflix, and you might want to look elsewhere.