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Pong The Cell Phone Case That Reduces Radiation and Boosts Your Signal

Pong The Cell Phone Case That Reduces Radiation and Boosts Your Signal

Are you concerned with the amount of radiation your body is absorbing when using your cell phone? Studies done have not yet shown a consistent link between cell phone usage and cancers of the tissues receiving the radiation (brain, nerves, head or neck), but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a real concern, so say many researchers and scientists.

More research is certainly needed since cell phone growth has been expanding so rapidly, but until then, what will you do? Will you not use a cell phone until the studies are done that prove that the radiation emitting through the radio frequency (RF) waves from cell phones isn’t a danger for you, or will you go ahead and use your phone and just hope for the best? With everyone using a cell phone lately, it’s probably the latter, and that’s okay because even if you’re still even a little concerned about radiation from your phone and the chance of it increasing your risk for cancer, there’s something you can do to limit your risks: You can use a Pong Case.

What is a Pong Case?

pong case front of box

Pong is a company that makes cases for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy devices that protect your body from the radiation that’s coming from your cellphone or tablet. How does it work? Pong says that their case works by pairing with the antenna inside your phone and then redirecting the radiation emitting from the phone, away from you. This means that you will absorb less cell phone radiation exposure.

Having tried the case for the iPhone 6, I can say that it is different from other cases (as you can also see from the screen shot below of the key points in their product description).

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 8.41.53 PM

pong case box

What We Noticed

This case is not only able to limit radiation exposure, it’s also just an overall very good cell phone case. It’s rugged and durable and doesn’t slip out of your hands or pocket easily. The Pong case we have (Rugged) is currently being used by my husband in a manufacturing environment, where it’s tested quite often by accidental drops and a lot of scratches, and so far (a month) it’s holding up perfectly.

pong rugged iphone 6 case

Something else we noticed about the case is that the signal is working better in our iPhone 6 with the Pong case than the signal in our iPhone 6 that doesn’t have a Pong case. Reading more about the case on their site, it says that this is a common side benefit to the way the case works. By redirecting the cell phone radiation away from your body and towards your cell tower, your signal performance is enhanced (says Pong), which makes sense and does seem to work. In fact, our reception was so bad at my husband’s work that he was often missing calls or unable to call out until putting the Pong case on, so it is indeed an added benefit for us.

By the way, you don’t have to do anything to set up the case, you do like you would with any cellphone case, you slip it on the phone and it just works automatically. There’s nothing else needed on your end.

Recommend Pong? Yay or Nay?

pong on iphone 6 rugged case

All in all, we give the Pong Rugged iPhone 6 case a great big YAY, and that means it gets a 5 out of 5 stars. It does what it says it will do, which is to protect you from cell phone radiation, and boosts your signal up to 75%. It also very well protected the phone from any scratches or damage. It’s not made of a plastic or rubber that’s slippery as many cases these days are, it’s made of a tough rubber material that handles drops extremely well (we didn’t test this on purpose but after a few accidental drops the phone was perfectly intact).

We have 3 other cases we’ve used on the iPhone 6 so far, and this one is by far our favorite. Not only in look and design, but mostly due to how well it protects the phone, how less likely it is to slip from a hand or pocket, and of course the added benefits we mentioned earlier of increased signal and what it was made for: less radiation.

In other tests not done by us, the phone has been drop tested to hold up to a fall of 6.6 feet, which exceeds military drop standards. It was also certified by an FCC third-party lab to decrease radiation exposure by up to 89% below the industry standard. With all of this information and our own tests and personal usage, we highly recommend the Pong Case for any iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy user.

The Pong case ranges from $49 for a cell phone up to $129 for an iPad. This is a bit more than most cell phone cases, but in our opinion, well worth it for protecting yourself and your $700 phone. You can find it on Amazon or at

Want one? Comment below and tell us why you want a Pong Case and we’ll enter your name into a raffle to win! Contest ends tomorrow (1/3/2015) at 9pm eastern…One day only!