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Pluto TV Review

What is Pluto TV? Is it Legit?

If you’re looking for free movies and TV, Pluto TV likely stands out as a top option. With over 100 channels, it’s a huge network that you can access completely free of charge, and often with fewer advertisements than some of the cable TV you pay for (although ads and content overlay are considerable).

However, if you’re thinking about switching to a solution like Pluto, it’s important that you know that it’s legit, that you understand what you’re getting, and that you make the best choice. This is especially important considering that more and more courts are now ruling instances of streaming video as piracy when the content uploader has pirated it themselves.

So, What is Pluto TV? is a website and app offering free TV for 100+ channels from distributors and producers like NBS, CBS, Bloomberg, NBC, Food TV, Sky News, Pro Wrestling Channel, and much more. Pluto TV also has unique channels like Cnet, IGN, KidsTV, and more. With channels dedicated to nearly anything you can think of and 24/7 streaming, it’s hard to go wrong.
Unlike many competitors, Pluto TV also offers 1000s of quality and even blockbuster films on demand with titles like Vanilla Sky and Legally Blond.

So, Why Is It Free?

Most of us can easily think of services like Pluto that have come and gone. For example, Aereo was shut down by the Supreme Court in 2014 after it was ruled they were illegally ‘stealing’ free content distributed by those channels.

Pluto attempts to circumvent those issues by directly acquiring licensing from those publishers. As a result, Pluto is licensed with each of its broadcast channels, licenses with Hulu to stream its free content, with YouTube and Vimeo, NASA TV, and many more. With 100+ licensed partners, Pluto is legitimately acquiring its content and is not likely going anywhere anytime soon.

Why Does It Work?

Pluto offers a free service which many companies charge a great deal for. Pluto balances out with ads, licenses cheaply by providing audience insight and viewer data to networks (which they can’t collect through TV broadcast but Pluto can through the Internet and using a wide variety of apps to appeal to more viewers and audiences. Pluto pays for all of this with ads, which can be intrusive, but not annoyingly more so than a standard commercial.

What About Quality?

While exact quality will depend on which app you’re using and whether you’re streaming over mobile data or WiFi, Pluto TV generally offers a high-quality experience. The only real detractors that I found were the video controls which only allow you to move forward or backward in 15 second increments, and the ads. While not really a problem for on-demand content and TV with built-in ads, they are a huge problem for live content.

Why? Ads overlay the screen while the live content continues to play so you’ll miss anything that happens while the ad is playing.
What else should you know? That’s about it. Pluto TV is a quality and legit service with a huge library and plenty to offer for most. However, it does have its quirks with a slightly less than ideal interface and ads – but you will have to try it out yourself to see if you prefer it over cable.