The Plug and Plant: The Smart Garden Concept for Apartments

The Plug and Plant: The Smart Garden Concept for Apartments

Most of us like plants. Something about the idea of growing your own food, or even having something green in your apartment is somehow appealing to almost everyone, and it should be. Plants are good for your mental and physical health, and most of us know that. Unfortunately, with the demands of a modern lifestyle, many of us don’t really have the time, motivation, or know-how to keep plants alive in an apartment. The Plug and Plant is one of a variety of new technology concepts that are designed to fix that by making gardening smart, easy, and apartment friendly.

While the Plug and Plant Kickstarter was eventually cancelled, but the concept is still worth taking a look at.

What is the Plug and Plant

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The Plug and Plant is a modular wall mounted gardening system which is equipped with smart sensors, an optional watering tank, and a smartphone app. The module attaches to a wall and allows you to ‘plug’ in seed pods, which feature bio foam that allows roots to grow, get nutrients, and spread just like they would in normal dirt. The seed pods simply attach on, so that you can easily take them on and off as is needed, or when plants grow. The seed pods include a selection of over 30 different types of seeds ranging from herbs to peppers and tomatoes, and all chosen to work well with a small root space.

The system itself also includes an optional watering ‘cloud’ which auto-waters the system for up to 30 days at a time. Each pod was set to include room for 12 plants, which as then expandable, as you could attach as many pods as you wanted to each other to create an entire green wall, or a miniature garden.

The App

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The Plug and Play app syncs with the smart sensors on the garden to give you information on water, nutrients, light levels, and humidity, allowing you to see at a glance if your plants need anything else, if they are healthy, and if you have to water them. That makes growing especially easy for those of us who typically forget to water plants.

Why was the Plug and Plant Kickstarter Cancelled?

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Unfortunately, the Plug and Plant project was cancelled unexpectedly well before the project completed, without giving it time to reach funding. No explanation was offered by the creators and all of the backers were refunded.

The Plug and Plant system was originally created by Vertical Green, which is part of Verde Vertical, a company specializing in vertical gardens. Verde Vertical works in Mexico City and literally creates gardens up the sides of walls and on buildings, using biofoam and water distribution similar to that proposed for the Plug and Plant project.

So, why was it cancelled? Unfortunately there could be any number of reasons, starting with the fact that the initial fundraising goal was very low for creating a new product, and could also include that the company does not have time for the new venture, and that they might not have been able to meet expectations.

Whatever the reason, the Plug and Plant gadget won’t be a reality anytime soon. However, you can look at a number of other similar (if not as cool) solutions for growing plants in small apartments.

Overall, the Plug and Plant was a cool technology that was priced significantly too high in comparison with non-smart indoor gardening solutions. However, price wise, at $49 for a starter kit, it is comparable to other technologies like the Click and Grow, Biopod, Plantui, and the AeroGarden.

What do you think? Are smart growing kits like the Plug and Plant the future? Or are they too overpriced compared to the cost of building your own solution, or using standard pots?


The Plug and Plant isn’t available, but some vertical garden options are. Click through to page 2 to see them. Or, if you’re more interested in high tech gardens, click through to page 3.


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