Best 3 Tips to Playing Casino Games Online Safely

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Best 3 Tips to Playing Casino Games Online Safely

Best 3 Tips to Playing Casino Games Online Safely

Playing games on online casino sites can be a fun thing to do, but it also comes with risks if you’re not careful. In fact, it’s these risks, such as security issues, that cause many to decide against any reward they may get from even trying an online gambling site. If you like casino games though, these risks can be thwarted and your mind be put at ease if you just follow a few simple tips when looking for a good online gambling site to play on.  Here’s the top 3: 

Tip 1: Site Powered by Microgaming Software

microgaming online games software

The first tip is to verify that the casino or gambling website you’re playing on is using something called, microgaming software. Due to how safe it is and how well it works, it is the leading software program used in the online gambling industry to run their websites. How do you find online casinos that use the microgaming software though? This can be done by finding websites that list the top microgaming casinos in your area of the world, such as those located in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada and the U.S. You can also find them by  visiting the top gambling websites in your country, because you can bet (slight pun intended) that since this is the most commonly used software, that the largest online casino operators will be using it on their website.

Tip 2: Website is SSL or VeriSign Trusted

verisign ssl online trust

If you are going to be gambling on a website and are entrusting your credit card to them you want to make sure that the website has SSL certification. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is the basically a digital cryptographic system that encrypts data and creates a secure connection between yourself and the website that you’re trusting. VeriSign is one of the most trusted security certificate names to look for on a website, but there are others to look for as well and these include Rapid SSL, Thawte, GlobalSign and Comodo.  

Tip 3: Online Gaming Site is eCOGRA Approved

ecogra gaming security online

Another thing to look for on the website you want to play games online with is a logo that shows they are eCOGRA approved. eCogra is an e-commerce online gaming regulation and assurance authority. They are there to protect players, make sure that fair gaming practices are being put into place, and that the operators of the websites are conducting themselves according to the standards of the online gaming industry. They also test and approve the software the gaming site may use, such as the microgaming software we discussed earlier. If you ever have an issue with an online gaming site you can file a dispute against the website on the website.

Other Things to Look For

Although these are a few of the top things to look for when playing games online, there are of course a few others to keep in mind that are mostly common sense. These include finding a gaming site that is anti-spam, and protected by security programs like McAfee or Norton security. Worried that no online gambling website will have all of these things covered? Well stop worrying, because they’re out there and they’re not hard to find. There are actually many safe, secure and well run online casino websites that will have all of these security factors and more, so don’t be afraid to go get your game on and have a little fun.  


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