Parental Controls For All Ages On A Mac Computer!

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Parental Controls For All Ages On A Mac Computer!

Parental Controls for All AgesParental Controls For All Ages On A Mac Computer!

Parents, do you sometimes feel the internet has taken control of your children and you are not quite sure where they are going and what they are doing?  More importantly what they may be seeing! Well good news is here for you. Read on, take control and enjoy the benefits of knowing you are protecting your children from the internet and the dangers that exist. The parental controls listed below are for a Mac, although the tips are good for any operating system user you may also find some information in the Windows Parental Control’s article.

Benefits of Parental Controls

First, let’s explore the benefits of having parental controls on your family Mac. If you have more than one Mac in the house, keeping a eye on all of them will be beneficial in the long run.   For example, not too long ago many parents discovered that viewing a site for The White House was not as simple as putting the words in the address bar with a “com” at the end.  The official site for The White House has a very specific extension ending with ‘.gov’.  Easily mistaken, but the results for the first entry was disastrous for little children.  Teens may have gotten quite the kick out of it.  Even then, it was still not a nice site for children, no matter what age. Preventing this is simple, parental controls.

Another benefit of controlling where your children go on the internet is preventing them from visiting sites that are without a doubt virus carriers.  Many of the forums or undesirable sites (pornography and sex sites) drop infected cookies and files on the computer and they create files that duplicate their purpose.  Which is to track your usage and redirect you to their sites on  your machine.  Spyware, adware and malware to name just a few, are easily deposited on your machine should your children visit any site that contains bad images, music downloads and game downloads. Predators love these sites. By implementing the right parental control, this can all be avoided.

Software for Parental Controls

The following software is recommended for Mac users and each is fairly reasonable in price and provides a user-friendly interface. Listed in order of preference, these programs provide you with much needed peace of mind when it comes to safety on the internet and your children. Not only for their safety, but as of late, cyberbullying has become a front and center concern for parents and their children with regards to the internet and social media.  These programs can help prevent this type of activity.

  •   Safe Eyes

The recommended program for all things Mac, including iPads and iPhones is Safe Eyes. With this program you have the ability to filter out content in the social media arena, video, e-mail and instant messaging.  You can also limit the time your child has access to the internet. Safe Eyes sends you reports of all activity daily or weekly and access to controls wherever you are. Available for mobile phones too.

  1.  Norton Family Online

Another highly recommended tool for parental controls is this web based safety tool provided by Norton, a well known name for internet safety and prevention. You will download a small program on your computer to use their services, which by the way, is free, and set up your preferences at that time. The interface is user friendly and available for mobile phones as well. Worth looking into if you are on a limited budget. Norton Software Products.

  •  Net Nanny

Net Nanny is much like the above mentioned software.  You can purchase this software from the site listed, download and begin protecting your children immediately.  Features include blocking pornography, monitoring social media sites, streaming video, chat and e-mail monitoring and set time limits on all aspects of computer use.

Parental Controls In A Nutshell!

Many parents, as well as the children, feel that because the computer is safely tucked away in the confines of their very private and secure home that there is no danger in surfing the web.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Especially when your child is on all the available social media sites, i.e. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.  There’s nothing like telling the whole world, in their eyes, the “parentals” (new word for parents) are gone and they have the whole house to herself or himself.  We all know what that means. Party time! It takes nothing for a predator to pinpoint where this information is coming from and therein, lies the danger.

It is strongly recommended by the authorities and school officials that you sit down with your children and have a thorough family talk about the dangers of the internet and what can happen by putting all your information in your profile for the public to see.  As smart as our children think they are and would prefer you to not track them, they are still very naive when it comes to the possibility that anything could ever happen to them.

So, it’s very important they are taught what is  appropriate to say or reveal about their activities, place of residence and even the school they are attending.  It’s very easy for a predator to snag a young girl’s or boy’s picture from their public profile and cruise the school grounds.  Bear in mind, no program is full proof. The ultimate parental controls monitor is you, the parent.

Remember, occasionally you will need to review your current settings as the child grows older and wiser.  I hope I have given you the tools to protect your child in ways you never knew existed.  For now, happy browsing and learning from one of the most vast and enjoyable source available to you and your family, the world wide web!

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