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Pacific Rim – A Forgettable But Epic Action Packed Sci-Fi


Pacific Rim – A Forgettable but Epic Action Packed Sci-Fi

Early last week I went to go see Pacific Rim. I’ve been a fan of alien invasion movies since I was a child, and Independence Day is one of my all time favorite films so I figured I would love this. And I was right. Pacific Rim is well done, has incredible graphics, and is a lot of fun to watch. Unfortunately, unlike Independence Day, it doesn’t have enough soul and originality of its own to make it memorable. In fact, give me a month and I probably won’t even remember it. Now that you’ve gotten the short version, let’s go to the long version of my review.

Pacific Rim Review

The Plot

Pacific Rim ReviewIf you’ve seen anything about Pacific Rim then you already know that the film covers a futuristic plot where a rift to another dimension has opened at the bottom of the pacific. Giant beings known as Kaiju (taken from Kaiju Ega Japanese for “Monster movie”) begin attacking cities along the coast. People create Jaegers (German for ‘military skirmisher’ or a type of predatory bird) to fight these Kaiju and at first succeed but eventually fail as more and bigger Kaiju come through the rift. Eventually there are two Jaegers left and a plot to close the rift, and up to the two pilots to do it.

The plot was pretty much the worst part of the whole movie. If it had been better written, I would probably have given this movie five stars. Unfortunately, much of the plot seems to be patched together from other movies. For example, there are a lot of elements of the aforementioned Independence Day, as well as random bits of mecha storyline thrown in. The plot is really nothing special, and much of it seems to be just thrown together as quickly as possible to allow the action to take place. The action however is frequent, and pretty awesome.


The Graphics

From the second I sat down in the 3D theatre with my goofy glasses on and a box of popcorn that was far to big for one person, I was impressed. The graphics on Pacific Rim are truly stunning. There isn’t once instance in which anything looks fake, or animated, except perhaps at the end. Everything is stunningly well done and graphics blend seamlessly with the environment. You can really imagine Raleigh Becket (who looks like a young Luke Skywalker) is getting into and controlling these giant machines. The Kaiju look real, in fact, they look every bit as real as the dinosaurs in Jurassic park, and the people creating these had nothing to go on!

Pacific Rim Review

Maybe a little iron man inspiration here? Totally looks like Iron Monger

The Cool

Pacific Rim is a great action adventure film. For those who like monster movies, this is better than any Godzilla film to date. With amazing graphics, rock em sock em robots in huge larger than life style, and a compelling cast of actors who seem to really get along, this movie is a lot of fun. With lots of action and fights, even the youngest won’t be bored, so you can likely bring family along as well.

Pacific Rim review The Uncool

Unfortunately Pacific Rim has its flat moments. The plot is weak and partially seems patched together. Some of the acting isn’t as good as it could be, although the actors are mostly really good. I personally found some of the plot elements (sorry no spoilers) to be added in for extra drama when they really weren’t needed, and I thought that the end was a tad bit disappointing. The last twenty minutes of the movie are the hardest to swallow (and the most ripped off).

The Review

My review of Pacific Rim is actually not bad. It has its pros and cons and altogether the plot is more than a little forgettable. However, if I were to see it for sale for $10 or $15 I wouldn’t mind buying a copy, because I know that I would enjoy watching it. Pacific Rim is far from perfect, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for monster lovers everywhere.