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Review of the Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bath Scale


Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bath Scale Review

Finding a good digital bathroom scale is at times difficult to do lately, not because there’s not very many of them, but really because there are so many of them to choose from. Especially since they all do so many different things now. Not only is a bathroom weight scale used to weigh yourself as they traditionally were meant for, they also have other options or functions too, such as telling you what your BMI is, or if you’re losing or gaining weight. Those are two such abilities that the Ozeri Weight Master Scale includes. If that’s something you’re looking for, keep reading, it may be the right one for you.

Setup: I have reviewed a few bathroom scales now and this one has been one of the easier ones to setup, so that’s the first thing I noticed when I got it. You can have several users, which is nice because that way you can know the weight gain or loss of each person and not have to worry about which person the scale is trying to tell that they just failed, or on a more optimistic note, didn’t fail a diet they’ve been trying so hard to follow.

When you get on the scale you first will tell it which user you are and then setup that user’s profile. You can use your big toe, like I did, or you can be less lazy and actually pick it up and press the little arrows to set your user profile. You can set up to 5 user profiles. You won’t have to press any arrows or other buttons each time you get on it though, as it will automatically recognize you, which is a nice feature.

Features / Options: Once you’re setup, you can now just step on the scale and it will tell you not only your current weight, but also your BMI, your height (that you put in when you did the setup), and whether or not you lost or gained weight. Weight gain or loss is identified in color.  RED for weight gain and GREEN for weight loss. The net weight change will also display on the screen for 5 seconds.

detects weight changes

Your last 3 recorded weights can also be seen, and there’s also a memory access mode that will allow you to look up your 7 most recent recorded weights. To access this you can press the right arrow button to select your user profile and then press the left arrow button to cycle through the memory. Again, use your toe, or pick it up, it really does work quite well with your toe.

Final Opinion:

Likes:  I found the scale to be accurate when comparing it to the other scales I have in the house and that I have also reviewed. It is easy to setup, easy to use, and I had no issues with it. I like the look, the size, and the display, it’s perfect size to see from where you’re standing on top of it. I like that it has the auto recognition feature (that’s my favorite part), and that it shows your gain or loss so easily for you to see. Also, unlike most digital weight scales these days, the Ozeri comes with a nice little manual that tells you exactly how to set it up and use it. The price on Amazon is around $20, so it’s low price point is certainly is another reason to like it.

Possible dislike: I am glad to have the manual as it did mention something that I thought may be an issue at some point, which is that if you lose or gain over 6.6lbs since your last recorded weight that the scale’s auto recognition feature will not work. So, if you are someone that’s not weighing yourself weekly and are gaining or losing over that amount, don’t worry, it’s not broken, you just need to press the Set button and find your user profile again with the arrows. Then step back on it and allow it to re-activate your profile with the new weight change.

I recommend this scale if you’re looking for a new digital bathroom scale that shows you loss and gains, it’s especially great if you’re trying to lose (or even gain) weight. Even if that’s not something you’re needing at the moment, for the price (being at the price of a scale that simply tells you your weight), these extra features are worth having.