What Is Oculus And How Is It Impacting The World of VR Gaming

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What Is Oculus And How Is It Impacting The World of VR Gaming

What Is Oculus And How Is It Impacting The World of VR Gaming

For many years now anyone that loves playing games on a PC or a gaming console has been looking forward to virtual reality being added to their experience. There have been many large gaming companies that have tried at this but they also failed since the graphics of the time simply could not match up with the technology needed for their virtual reality headsets.

Now, however, in 2017 VR and graphics have finally caught up to one another and we finally have some truly good virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift or Gear to play games on our PC’s and other devices too. Since Oculus has come out with some really great VR headsets it has greatly impacted the gaming world in just about every aspect you can think of. Whether you want to try out the Oculus Rift or other VR headsets, this article will help you find which games and types of games you can plan on including in your virtual reality gaming experience.

VR PC Games

pc game vr pc gamer

PC games have been a long time favorite way of gaming for even the most hardcore of gamers. Virtual reality has impacted PC games the most in that they are making the player feel as if they’re now right inside the world they’ve only been able to see on a screen for so long. Games like Superhot VR not only give you a 3D experience they even allow you feel as if you’re a part of the action if you have Rift with Touch.

Ever been curious about how you’d survive a zombie apocalypse? Wonder no more. Grab your Oculus Rift headgear and grab the game Arizona Sunshine and you’ll find out just how well you can handle a world full of zombies, should it ever occur (you never know, it could!). One last one we saw that you may like if you are into killing creatures is a game called the Killing Floor, great if you’re into hacking off limbs and heads and such. 

VR Casino Games

casino vr poker games

Who would have ever thought that VR technology would ever connect with casinos? Of course, we could also say who would have thought that there would be casinos online? Well thanks to big technology advances in gaming, both are available. If you like the feeling of actually going to a casino and not just playing at home alone online, virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift are going to be magical for you. It will be just like being there but without the lovely heavy smoke in the air atmosphere. You can walk around your virtual casino, talk to other players and play whatever live casino games your online casino has made available to you through VR tech.

Depending on the casino, the experience will allow you to play VR Texas Hold Em’, VR Poker, VR Slots and many more casino based games. The slots and tables you play at will be three dimensional and allow you to feel as if you’re right there playing your favorite casino games.

Multiplayer Games VR Games

multiplayer vr gaming playing with friends

One of the biggest ways that Oculus Rift and other VR systems are impacting the game world is through multiplayer games. Being able to feel as if you’re in the same room as those you are playing a game with is definitely a great new experience, especially for those that are mostly homebound or live far from family and friends that share their gaming interests.

The games available for multiple players range from sports games like Echo Arena where you and your team play in a zero gravity arena using a glowing disk that you need to successfully toss into your opponent’s net, to games where you and your teammates are immersed in a world of wizardry and spells like those in the VR game called The Unspoken. Like playing combat games with friends? There’s games for that as well, one of the most liked is one called RIGS.

VR Arcade Games

oculus arcade vr games

If you are a lover of the old time classic arcade games you’re in luck because even those have been included in what virtual reality can do. You can use Oculus Rift to play Pac-Man, Galaga, Sonic the Hedgehog and so many other old arcade games as well. Using VR with arcade classics will make you feel as if you’ve really stepped back in time to the 80’s. To find these arcade games you simply search for Oculus Arcade in your Oculus Rift app and you’ll find a few arcade rooms to jump right into.

As you can see, virtual reality and Oculus have already impacted all aspects of the gaming world and it’s only just gotten started. As VR gaming systems like Oculus Rift continue to grow and more games are added the experience will get even better. Also, as with most new technology, as it becomes less “new” we’ll likely see prices drop which will make it a gaming experience that nearly everyone will be able to enjoy.


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