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What is Niter Movies? Is it Safe and Legit? 

What is Niter Movies? Is it Safe and Legit?

Niter Movies is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites, and you can find it on Reddit as well as a variety of other sites, most frequently linked to or recommended as an alternative to 123 Movies.

The site is also linked to from multiple other movie streaming sites like, which either link to Niter movies, pull content from it, or actually use their search engine.

What is Niter?

Niter movies typically words as a media directory, linking to movies and content stored on other websites. When you search for movies, it pulls them from other sites, which aren’t always searchable from Google. You can them stream them directly from Niter, to watch movies and TV shows right in your browser.

Because Niter does not upload pirated movies on their own servers, the site is not technically illegal. However, the act of streaming pirated content through the site is illegal.

Can You Get in Trouble For It? – Possibly, but it is currently unlikely. Because streaming media from websites is not currently ‘piracy’, it’s currently difficult to prosecute people for streaming. However, it is ‘illegal’, in that it is copyright infringement, you are better off not using it.

What About CMovies HD?

CMovies HD links to Niter movies, and they offer a similar type of website. You search for movies, CMovies HD brings them up, and you can view them. However, C Movies also promotes a ‘premium’ service, where you can choose to pay to watch movies in HD instead of the regular streaming quality.

We highly recommend that you avoid this. C Movies is not a legitimate site, does not source their content legally, and is streaming pirated movies. They are already breaking the law by streaming content, and they have no reason to process your payment, charge you, or even offer you anything in return for your money in a legal way. In addition, because C Movies is offering an illegal service, your bank and credit card cannot and will not protect you or offer your money back.

Is Niter Movies Safe?

Niter Movies mostly links to movies and media on third party websites, many of which are not available in search. Opening links also often opens popups and new tabs, many of which link to phishing and malware sites. This means that Niter can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have an antivirus and firewall installed and running on your computer.

In almost every case, you are better off paying for a premium movie streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime or looking for copyright free media (typically movies that are 70 years old or older). This will keep you safe, prevent possible legal issues, and will improve the quality of your streaming experience. For example, most of the content available on Niter Movies is available on either Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix, and in much higher quality. For $10 a month, you also get apps, an easier streaming experience, and customer support – all of which are typically well worth the investment.