New Release for Nintendo 3DS is Luigi’s Mansion 2 and it Has a Special Feature!

New From Nintendo: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Soon Out for Nintendo 3DS!

By Kimberly Carver

Nintendo U.K. was kind enough to share with us, so that we may share with you, something that all Super Mario fans should love! Which is that Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be launching exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems this March! Great news for those of you that may be like me and love anything from the Super Mario line of games.

What can you can look forward to in Luigi’s Mansion 2?  Luigi will be stumbling through multiple mansions to capture ghosts and solve puzzles armed with his trusty ghost-catching vacuum cleaner, the Poltergust 5000. But, there’s more! In a series first, this is one of the Super Mario games that will feature a local and online multiplayer mode.

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Multiplayer Mode Makes A Ghostly Appearance In Luigi’s Mansion 2 On Nintendo 3DS

Share the scares together with up to 4 players online or locally

Here’s what Nintendo U.K. has to say about Luigi’s Mansion 2 for Nintendo 3DS:

 “This game (Luigi’s Mansion 2) is a fully-fledged sequel to the Nintendo GameCube title that first put forth Luigi as the reluctant hero, battling his own nerves and a bevy of ghosts on a mission to save his brother Mario from a haunted mansion. On Nintendo 3DS Luigi will face an even greater challenge for solo players to enjoy in addition to the multiplayer.

Up to four players* can join up and journey into the Scarescraper jam-packed with paranormal creatures. In Hunter Mode, each player controls a different colour Luigi and is challenged to hunt down ghosts and use effective teamwork to clear each floor of the tower before the clock strikes zero.

Bonuses and upgrades can be earned depending on how well the team performs, helping to get the ghost-hunting team to the boss battles awaiting at the top of each tower. Players can choose the number of floors in this mode ranging from 5, 10 or 25. They can also adjust the difficulty to cater to both new and veteran gamers. Fallen players can even be revived by their teammates to keep the adventure going.”

Although an exact release date for Luigi’s Mansion 2 has not yet been announced, Nintendo does say that it will be available across Europe in March 2013 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and that it will be available both at retail and as a digital download from Nintendo eShop.

* You should know that you may need additional systems and games for multiplayer mode and that these are sold separately.

I hope you’re excited about this new Nintendo 3DS game release, because we are! Luigi’s Mansion 2 looks like great fun for adults and children, and like many other Super Mario games it be a great game to play as a family, either online or locally. Nintendo has put out so many great games over the years, in fact they have sold over 4 billion games since 1983, so you know they know what they’re doing when they have a new release!

Which of their games do you like though? Do you have a favorite? If so, please share it with us because we love to hear what you have to say. And, watch in the future for our review of Luigi’s Mansion 2 so you can find out more about this great game. 


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