New Great Titles & More for Wii U Announced at Nintendo Direct Conference

More Mario and Link & Other Great Titles for Wii U Announced at the Nintendo Direct Conference!

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Though many of us have yet to fully conquer the levels and landscapes of New Super Mario Bros. U, or traverse the tricky environments of Nintendo Land, it looks like there are even more new Wii U games heading to tempt us in 2013.  It was recently announced at the Nintendo Direct conference that we can expect some great titles arriving thick and fast – with big names including Super Mario and Link. So which of these are we looking forward to the most?

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More Mario from Some Reliable Names 

One of the biggest announcements from the conference was that there’s a brand new 3D Super Mario game in the works. The details are vague, but what we do know is the title will be created by the same team who brought us Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land – so it’s definitely in safe hands!

Hard Driving Live from The Mushroom Kingdom

June’s E3 convention in Los Angeles will be a big one for Nintendo. Not only will it be where the aforementioned 3D Mario title makes its playable debut, but it’s also likely to be where we first see Mario Kart on Wii U. The idea of trying out this classic with a Wii U GamePad already has us salivating.

Something Old from The Legend of Zelda

It was revealed that Nintendo is currently remaking the GameCube classic Zelda title Wind Waker for Wii U, with series’ director Eiji Aonuma claiming it will “tune up the overall game experience”. That we will be able to see it reimagined in high definition is, frankly, temptation enough!

…And something new too!

Not only can fans of Zelda and players of brain games expect a shiny new version of Wind Waker, but it has also been announced 2013 will be the year Link gets a fresh adventure on Wii U. It was said the new Legend of Zelda game will “rethink the conventions of Zelda”. Let the speculation commence!

What Else is New from the Latest Nintendo Direct Conference for Wii U?

Random Announcements: 

  • After a spring firmware update for the Wii U operating console (one of two, the other this summer), the Wii U Virtual Console will be launched! NES and SNES games will be available at launch, with the ability to save games, play off the Game Pad and access the Miiverse community. Nintendo Gameboy Advance titles will also be coming to the virtual console for the first time.
  • Thanks to a specific user ID, Wii Fit U will allow you to start closed, private communities with other players
  • New for Pikmin 3 will be the ability to use the Wii U gamepad as a camera to capture screenshots that can then be shared on MiiVerse.
  • A 30th anniversary special for the NES virtual console was announced, giving players the ability to purchase NES Virtual Console titles for 30 cents for 30 days during the campaign period.
  • This spring MiiVerse will be available on your smart phone! Also, user created communities, official communities, usability improvements and a filtering function are all being added to MiiVerse.
  • There were no Wii U game releases announced for January and February, however, there were some games announced that we can expect to see soon, such as: Game & Wario, Wii Fit U, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, and The Wonderful 101.

Nintendo Wii U Games in Development: 

  • Bayonetta 2: A developer video and some pre-production footage was shown at the Nintendo Direct conference for the Wii U game, Bayonetta 2. However, there were no other detail discussed due to its early production stage.
  • Nintendo Smash Bros: This game is for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. Although it was mentioned, it was not further discussed as it was too early for reveal. There will be some screenshots to be shown at E3 2013.
  • Super Mario 3D Game & Mario Kart: As mentioned earlier, a new 3D Mario game is in the works for Wii U, as is Mario Kart for the Wii U. There will be a playable demo at E3 2013.
  • Wii Party: Imagine Mario Party using Mii’s, with utilization of the Wii U gamepad in correlation of the Wiimotes.
  • Yoshi’s Epic Yarn: A new Yoshi title was announced, showing off some beautiful screenshots of what we could expect. The producer of Yoshi’s Story is behind the project.

We wait with bated breath to see what else is coming in 2013, but what are you looking forward too? Maybe you don’t own a Wii U yet and are after more Nintendo 3DS games, like the soon to be released Luigi’s Mansion 2? Let us know!

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