New MacKeeper Scam Using Apple Care to Scare You

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New MacKeeper Scam Using Apple Care to Scare You

New MacKeeper Scam Using Apple Care to Scare You

As I was searching online today for a topic to write about one literally popped up before me on my Mac’s computer screen. I was using my Safari browser when suddenly a new tab popped open and looked as if it was from Apple Support. Even the URL looked right as it said “” and in the center of the page was a popup box that said “IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED YOUR SYSTEM IS INFECTED WITH 3 VIRUSES!”

Scary? Yes, it can be very! I have never had a virus on my Mac before, nor have I ever heard of Apple or AppleCare (which I do not even have) immediately letting someone know that they had a virus without the person ever having done a scan or visiting their site, or any site, to check for one so it set off my “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” alert right away. Yes I’m a geek.  And then I figured….Hmm! I better check this out!

mackeeper pop up scam using applecare

So that’s what I did. I checked it out. First, I did so by taking a closer at the URL and saw it had a lot more to it than it was showing (of course) and wasn’t truly from Apple Care Protection. I took the dive anyway, wanting to get to the bottom of who would dare replicate AppleCare and trick someone into clicking on the button saying “Scan Now” or “Click OK to begin repair process.”

Before ever trusting a site just because it may look like the real thing always check the URL by clicking on it in the browser search bar. It shouldn’t have this longtail url that you see in the screenshot.

mackeeper scam url showing

Don’t do this next step, I just did it to get to the bottom of who was doing this.

I clicked on the Scan Now button and my computer didn’t blow up or melt down, but it did show me the culprit: MacKeeper! A company I once loved and touted to everyone as a must have Mac cleaner for every Mac until one day MacKeeper changed and began over charging users and doing other nasty things for which they had to pay out a settlement for in a lawsuit. Sadly, this company has now gone even further into deviousness and scams by replicating an Apple Support site and trying to trick users like you and me into downloading and using their software to get  rid of viruses we don’t even have.

mackeeper popup scam

How do I know I don’t have a virus, this program said I did after all. It said I had 3 viruses in fact, 2 malware and 1 phishing / spyware. I did not do as recommended and download their software which would have likely installed these viruses, I instead ran MalwareBytes. This is a free Malware checker that anyone can use. The results from them? No Malware no viruses found. Phew! At least by clicking on the “scan now” button I didn’t inadvertently get a virus from MacKeeper.

malwarebytes scan screenshot

When I went back to the page that I have screenshots of, I clicked the back button. It then took me to an endless loop of popups and wouldn’t let me out until I closed the tab, it also had a pop up saying “You need a new Flashplayer” and sent it right into my downloads box. I got rid of the file.  It’s wise to run a malware checker or antivirus scanner after having such a popup occur just in case   you may have been infected by adware or another virus.

Hopefully you won’t ever see this pop up but if you get the same popup on your Mac or iPhone don’t fall for it, it’s just a trick to get you to buy a software program, MacKeeper, that you don’t need and don’t want. It claims it’s free on the download page where they say that Apple recommends you use it to clear your system of viruses, but this isn’t true. There is a free trial that allows you to remove a certain amount of data, but it will then ask you for payment to actually remove the viruses or use their other data cleaning services. If you did download MacKeeper you can read our article about removing all of it here How to Remove MacKeeper.

Please report this to Apple if it happens to you. You can report it to [email protected]. If you’re looking for a mac cleaner you can trust we recommend CleanMyMac 3 or CCleaner.



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