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New InnoTab2 Tablet for Children


New InnoTab2 Tablet for Children

Vtech is an award winning electronic learning toy company that offers some of the best educational toys on the market. One of their latest releases is something every little one will want.

In today’s high-tech society, our children are watching us play with our tablets, e-readers, smart phones and other gadgets everyday. Now they can be just like Mom and Dad, and have their very own high-tech toy instead of wanting to play with yours.

This fantastic little multimedia tablet is available in white with blue trim for the boys and pink for the girls. It combines interactive learning, games, creative activities, reading and tools, into a tough durable tablet that will stand up to the toughest children.

What It Offers

The InnoTab2 is packed full of features and offers:

  • Best for children between 3 and 9 years.
  • 5-Inch touch screen with tilt sensor.
  • Pop up on screen keypad.
  • Interactive E-Books – E-books offer graphics, sounds, music, character voices, and narration. While reading your child will learn comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary all while having fun and interacting with the animated characters.
  • Games, Activities, & Tools – The InnoTab2 comes with a large selection of games and activities. Your child can watch videos, listen to music, draw, and even color.
  • It Downloads Content – This tablet can sync to your computer using the USB cable (included), and once connected to the internet, you can download updates, e-books, games, apps, and lots of other activities using Vtech’s Learning Lodge.
  • Rotating Camera – The InnoTab 2 comes with a camera that can rotate from back to front facing. Now your child can capture those special memories, and then edit them using special effects and stamps.
  • Video Player – If your little one is a budding director, he or she can download any videos created using the on board video recorder, and play them on their very own tablet.
  • MP3 Player – So that your child can enjoy listening to his own music.
  • Personalization – The InnoTab2 can be personalized for up to four users with user names, avatars, voice and text greetings, and photo wallpaper.
  • Memory – 2GB on board memory, SD card slot that can expand the memory up to 32GB.
  • Batteries – Takes 4 AA and 1 CR2032 batteries, and your child will love this tablet so much you will probably need a lot of them.

If you want more than the included e-books, games, and activities, or are looking for other gift ideas , Vtech has many cartridges available, selections include Toy Story, Cars 2, Dora the Explorer, and Spongebob Squarepants. Vtech is planning to release more cartridges soon. Most cartridges include at least one e-book, games, and activities.


All tablets have a wide range of optional accessories, and the InnoTab2 is no different, giving the option for more gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. Some of the accessories available include:

  • Storage Tote, with carry handle and stand, available in blue and pink.
  • AC adapter and car adapter, no more need for all those batteries.
  • Rechargeable battery kit.
  • SD cards.
  • Vtech headphones, complete with stencils so that they can be customized.