My Work at Home Journey: Terri Chapman

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My Work at Home Journey: Terri Chapman

My Work at Home Journey: Terri Chapman

My working at home started with a customer service position. I made calls to follow up on service and I loved it. My daily “commute” was about 15 feet down the hall to my office. I had a set schedule, a window with a view, and comfortable working conditions. I stumbled onto a site that hired people to answer questions and was lucky enough to be hired for this project. My mornings were full of phone calls and my spare time was spent answering questions. My days were full of work that I really loved. As it turned out, I got hired for the writing project near the end and when it was over, I missed it. The short time on this project is what introduced me to being paid to write.

When circumstances in my life changed and I moved, I had to give up my customer service position because of company policy. This is when I remembered the questions that I answered on that project and I started looking for a job like that. I was lucky enough to stumble across that same project through a different site. My luck continued when I was hired for the project and was once again answering questions. I looked for some other work to go along with the project and to my amazement, I found that I could be paid to write. I learned that I could actually get paid to write things for people. People really did pay someone to write short descriptions or longer articles. It was almost too good to be true! I liked writing and being paid to write, well it was a tempting idea. Through trial and error I found a wonderful group of people who work at home. One project led to more and I have met some amazing people who have given me a chance to write and work at home. There are some women out there who may have no idea how much it means to me, to this day, that they took a chance on me.

It is not all sunshine and roses when you work at home. There are times when you struggle and as amazing as most of the people are, there are some not so great people out there. I am very fortunate in that I have only “met” a couple of the not so great people. There are times when you feel really down and this is the time when messages from those amazing people you have worked for come in handy. I have kept many emails from certain people that have kind words. Messages that tell me my work is good and they enjoy having me on a project. Those still messages bring a smile to my face and I do at times read them when I need a boost.

I never thought about not having my name on anything that I wrote because I was writing for someone else. One of the amazing women I met on my work at home journey is Kimberly Carver. She offered me the opportunity to write for her and use my own name. The first time seeing my name in print with my article on the site gave me a thrill. It still thrills me to see my name on the site and I still thank the stars that Kim took a chance on me. I am still blessed to be part of the High Tech Society family that Kim created. It is more than a website, it truly is a family.

The amazing women I mentioned earlier do need to know that I am still grateful each and every day that they took a chance on me. A huge thank you to Kim Carver, Deanna Venezia, Allison Lindsay, and Brianna DeMike whom I have had the pleasure of working for. There are many other wonderful women that I have met, that I talk with almost daily, and I consider myself blessed to have them in my life. Working from home has blessed me with an extended family as well as an income.

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Terri Chapman
Terri Chapman is a freelance writer living in the Midwest. She enjoys writing and being able to work from home. She has 3 sons and 7 grandchildren. In her spare time she loves reading and spending time with her family.

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