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My Miggo Camera Strap and Cases Reviewed


My Miggo Camera Strap and Cases Reviewed

Looking for a new camera bag or camera case? Recently we got something for our camera, not quite a camera bag or case, but more of a strap that turns into a protective case. It probably sounds odd, but it’s actually pretty neat. It fits most cameras, ours is the Canon SX60 HS Powershot, which is the size of a small DSLR camera. We got two Miggo products for it, one is the strap and wrap and the other is grip and wrap. We’ve included pictures of the straps and our camera in them below (and in a gallery at the end).

The common points about them both wraps include the material and setup. Both will securely bolt down to the wrap as well as tether into it. There’s a spot in each as well for the lens to go when you’re snapping pictures and this keeps it out of the way. The fabric used is very hiqh quality, and stitching is simply the best. I tried pulling it and to otherwise tamper with it to see how easily it would fall apart, but it never did. It’s really a very well made product.


The material is cushiony and perfect for the camera inside and would no doubt handle well being dropped. It protected ours from a wet and rainy day as well as from scratches when I bumped it against the car. Spilled coffee, not on purpose but it was a good test, also rolled off of it and our camera was inside all nice and dry. Here’s some notes on the differences of the two wraps:

Grip and Wrap



The Miggo Grip & Wrap is our favorite of the two products, although at first site we thought it would be the Strap & Wrap. The Grip and Wrap is the smaller of the two, and like the name implies, it’s made to hold in your hand or grip and goes around your wrist for easy holding. The reason we prefer this case is because of the carrying ability with the handle and the ease of being able to quickly take a shot with it even when it’s not uncased. *UPDATE: I was made aware that there is a strap you can add to it and it’s available through


The case part has a lens cover and along with the stretchy material used it will fit multiple camera sizes. The lens cover can seem a bit bulky if you don’t have a long lens.


Strap & Wrap


The Miggo Strap & Wrap hangs around your neck and has a zipper down the center. You can wear it across your side or hip or wear it straight down your torso. It’s pretty easy to wrap up when you’re not using it, just zip it up and wrap. It then stretches over the top of the camera to finish up it’s total protection of it. I do like that you can carry it this way and that it’s then readily available for snapping pictures on a hike or other adventure, the only reason I picked the grip and wrap over this one is really about the carrying strap.


This one, the strap and wrap, has no handle. It wraps shut and you carry the camera body. I considered having someone sew a handle strap on for me and then this would be my go to case and strap, but I don’t want to damage the strap. It’s difficult to really add a handle and it may be why they didn’t add one. It’s not a huge deal, and most may not care. I just like being able to carry it with the handle. You could of course just leave it unzipped carry it that way, but then the camera will be unprotected.

Final Opinion

I recommend these cases, either one, they’re simply the best as far as design and quality go. Whichever one you pick will be dependent on your own likes and needs. The wrist one, called the grip and wrap, has the handle making it easier to carry, but a drawback may be how long the lens guard is. It’s not adjustable, but it also doesn’t get in the way. It’s just a little extra fabric if you don’t have a DLSR with a lens long enough to fit it.


Drawbacks on the strap and wrap would only be the handle not being included and it’s being slightly awkward to roll up, depending on your camera style of course. There’s also nowhere for memory cards or batteries in either case.

*UPDATE: I was made aware that there is a strap you can add to it and it’s available through

Feel free to ask me more on these cases. I absolutely adore mine and hope you’ll like yours too! It’s definitely a smart thing to buy if you have an expensive camera and want to protect it.

It’s available on Amazon or at

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