MovieZoot Review: Is it Legit? What About Quality?  

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MovieZoot Review: Is it Legit? What About Quality?  

MovieZoot Review: Is it Legit? What About Quality?

MovieZoot is one of hundreds of free streaming websites offering movies and some TV, using advertisements and affiliate links to Amazon and other sites to drive revenue. If you’re looking for a place to watch vintage movies, MovieZoot is one of dozens of options.  

If you’re looking for a place to watch free movies online, the site likely looks promising at first glance. And if you’re wondering if it’s legit, the answer is definitely yes. So, MovieZoot is a legal place to stream free movies, providing you like classic and indie films.  

What is MovieZoot and How Does It Work?

MovieZoot is owned and operated by M&M Television Inc., which also owns MoviesandMore.TV and manages a weekly newsletter ZootScoop. The site itself shares Community Commons or copyright free films, typically from films that are 70+ years old, where the original copyright has expired. With 11 categories encompassing classic films like To Kill a Mockingbird, A Farewell to Arms, God Created Woman, and many more – there’s a lot to watch for any classic film lover.  

Because all of the movies are license free or licensed for free distribution, you can stream these films and even distribute them in a public place without infringing on copyright. MovieZoot takes advantage of this and offers the service of displaying them all in one place, which they profit off of.  

Why Do You See Movie Zoot So Much in Search?

MovieZoot is actually relatively high quality compared to many similar websites, and works to get Google’s attention. With full feature-length blogs about most of their movies, SEO-friendly web copy, and a variety of content including a blog, MovieZoot has a lot of content for Google to find.  

This doesn’t make the website any better than competitors, it just means they have more for Google to work with.  

What About Quality? How is Watching Films on MovieZoot?

MovieZoot mostly displays older films which is a disadvantage in terms of quality. In most cases, the best quality you’ll get is about 244 p, but most will be about half that. MovieZoot uploads its own films which you can view using flash directly in your browser. You can also load it onto a tablet or TV, but keep in mind that most films are in square format.  

What about buffering? I personally had no issues at all while using the site. All of the movies load fairly quickly. However, if you don’t have the most recent version of flash, have slow Internet, or even a bandwidth cap, you will likely see issues. Despite that, you should be able to watch MovieZoot with no problems providing you have a 1mbs + download speed available.  

MovieZoot is just one of a number of very similar websites offering free access to vintage movies – because those movies are legal to stream for free. However, it holds up well to most competitors, with a similar number of ads. If you’re a movie buff, you will also likely greatly enjoy the long pages of movie information and facts that the website provides for most of its films.  



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