The High Tech Society Review Review: Is It Legit? is a free movie streaming site offering a wide variety of films and documentaries, primarily from Indie publishers and older films which have moved into community commons or are cheaper to license.

If you’re looking for a place to watch free movies online, will likely come up a lot. However, with ads and a display format greatly similar to pirated film sites like 123movies and Yes Movies, you might be on your guard. New court rulings mean that you may be prosecuted for piracy if you stream content from sites that have pirated it – and you want to keep yourself safe.

Is Legit?

Fortunately, despite the less than professional ad format, is legitimate. The site specializes in curating and presenting public domain media found on a variety of sites like, Creative Commons, OpenFlix, and others. They largely only show creative or public domain content – so all films are old or indie, as are documentaries. further works to protect itself (but not you) by only sharing videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.

What Does Offer offers a wide selection of movies dating back to the 1900s. With most of their library in creative commons, the large portion of their thousands-of-films collection is in black and white and pre-1960. However, MoviesFoundOnline also offers plenty of 1970s-2010 films including action, thriller, and animated films. With titles like Wallace and Grommets Cracking Contraptions, Act of Valor, Beyond Tomorrow, and Picture Wheel, MoviesFoundOnline doesn’t really have anything if you’re looking for a blockbuster but is great if you’re tired of standard Hollywood.

Classic film lovers will also greatly enjoy the huge collection of black and whites – many of which are uploaded in very good quality. The site itself is also fairly user friendly, with easy search, categorization, social sharing, and even a website blackout feature.

MoviesFoundOnline mostly streams content from and YouTube/Vimeo so quality can vary a great deal. However, most videos are in reasonable to good quality (but little to no HD). Because it’s YouTube and Vimeo, you will likely experience the same buffering issues you would with your existing website speed on those specific sites. Ads

While MoviesFoundOnline has a large selection of films the site has a huge problem with ads. MoviesFoundOnline uses Propeller Ads, which often links to dating services, spam software, and viral type blogs and content which can be offensive. For this reason, you are not recommended to use the site without either an ad-blocker or an antivirus program installed on your computer.

You’ll also experience a great deal of popups, even when just clicking on search. Like torrent and piracy sites, MoviesFoundOnline will load a new popup add every time you click. This can be extremely annoying for most.

Final Verdict? has a large library with plenty of titles, but for me, the ads are too much of a hassle without an adblocker. If you don’t want to install an ad blocker, there are plenty of other sites that offer the same content (including where you won’t have to bother.

If you don’t mind the ads, there’s still a lot on offer here, and plenty of content in one place which will make it easier than sorting through more than one site.