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Movie4k Review

Movie4k is the successor to Movie2k, which was popular for streaming pirated movies. In 2013, the MPAA shut down Movie2k after a high pressure campaign against them, which included a letter to the United States House of Representatives. Although Movie2k was based in Romania, the MPAA was still able to get a court order to take the site down, and there were initial rumors of arrests.

Movie4k came online within days of the demise of its predecessor and now serves almost 1 million visitors per month, although it does appear to have been chased off of the domain which it had first come online.

What is Movie4k?

Movie 4k a website that offers free movies, with uploads and listings for the latest releases. It is one of the most popular websites for watching new releases and is often one of the first sites on the web to have movies as they come in and out of the theater. The site streams movies that have not yet been officially released, which is always a red flag. If you see movies that are not on DVD or Bluray yet, you can pretty much assume that streaming them is illegal. Unfortunately, it appears that that is the case with Movie4k.

Is Movie4k Safe?

Movie4k uses unsafe practices to list movies. One of the problems is that they link to movies hosted on other sites, including behind pay and password websites, making you sign up with these 3rd party sites to watch some movies. It also uses deceptive links to automatically open ads, which can link you to malware and downloads that can hurt your computer. We tested multiple of these on a Windows and Mac computer, and after about 30 minutes the Windows computer had been exposed to 3 different viruses. The Mac computer was fine.

If you browse on Movie4k, make sure that your antivirus protection is up to date and that you are running the latest versions of Java on your computer to reduce risks. It would also be advisable to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Will I get in trouble?

You are not likely to get in legal trouble for streaming movies on a site like Movie 4k, but it is a definite legal possibility. While media publishers rarely go after people who stream movies illegally, they would be within their legal rights to pursue you. The 6 strikes law in the United States is a regulation that allows your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to cripple your bandwidth if they send you 6 warnings and you keep watching movies illegally, so that may also be a concern. If you already have strikes against you, your ISP may add a strike for watching on Movie4k. They will, of course, do this while they claim that they are not logging or tracking you.

Can You Stream Free Movies on Movie4k?

While Movie4k is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites, it is important to note that most of their content is hosted externally. This is done as a strategic move by the site owners, but it also means that you may have to open another browser tab, visit another site, or even be prompted to download something to watch the movie. This means that you can’t always watch movies that are listed on the site.

Our Advice

Our advice is to steer clear of Movie4k, it just isn’t worth the risk. The site is known to be an active legal target for the MPAA, just as was the case with Movie2k. To make matters worse, Movie 4k is designed to be deceptive and appears to have no regard for your safety. The people behind the site have criticized the MPAA for being greedy, but they throw their users under the bus of deceptive ads and malware. There are dirt cheap legal options for streaming movies, and there is even a decent selection of legal free websites for streaming movies. Any of them would be a better option than Movie4k.