Should You Get MobileGo? This MobileGo for iOS Review Will Help You Decide

Should You Get MobileGo? This MobileGo for iOS Review Will Help You Decide!

Ever wished you could bypass iTunes and just transfer your music to your iPod, iPad or iPhone without it? Now you can, says Wondershare. They have created a program called MobileGo for iOS that they say will do the following:

With 1 click: transfer music, videos, and photos to your Mac or Windows computer, or transfer it from Mac or Windows to your iOS device, convert videos and songs into a format your iPad or other iOS device can use, and if you want to use iTunes, you still can export media to your iTunes library.

mobile go app what it does

I downloaded MobileGo for iOS to use on my Mac (again they also have it for Windows) to see how it works and see if it does what Wondershare says it does. So here’s the Wondershare MobileGo for iOS review, just for you! P.S. This review is not sponsored, we received nothing in return for our opinions, all views are our own.

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I tried the free trial version of MobileGo for iOS, It seemed to have no restrictions as it allowed me to use the program in full, so it is one of the truly rare fully access free trials. Most limit what you can do. This one no doubt has a time limit involved, but since I only used it today I haven’t hit whatever that limit may be that will surely prompt me to purchase it if I want to continue using it.

free trial mobilego

Downloading and installing to my Mac was simple and straightforward. The program opens up for you with steps on how to use it. I liked this part a lot. It’s nice to not have to go hunt down a guide or tutorial. They do of course have one though if you need it, but the program was so easy anyone should be able to use it without any assistance.

mobile go user guide 1

The interface is nice, everything is laid out in a way that makes it easy to figure out what you’re looking at. As for how to use it, again, it’s really very simple. Once you start the program you are told a few things on what it does, given a tip about iTunes, and then it asks you to connect your iOS device via USB. You then see your device listed and three options below it: Smart Export Music to iTunes, Export Music to Mac (or PC if on Windows), Convert Music and Import.


choices on what to do

You can sort to see them from music, video, or movies on the left and on the right you will then see a few more details including podcasts, TV shows, music videos etc. The center of the window shows whichever file you are choosing to look at. You can also choose how to view them, just by a title list, or with their images and other details.

ipod music list

At the top you will see your options, such as export, add, and delete. You could also choose to convert the selected files into another format or to transfer them to another program. Finding music, videos or photos from other areas on your computer is also easy, and is right there at the top with the other feature options. Once you click on the small icon with the music symbols in it (on the far right upper corner) it will load other programs and files that contain media files for you to select from.

top bar of mobilego

Another feature is ‘Details.’ This shows you the details about your device. In my case I used my iPod to test MobileGo, and pressing details showed me how much total capacity my system had, how much was used, how much was left, how much of it was music, apps, photos, videos or others, as well as my iOS version and serial number.

ipod details

Test Results

So, how did MobileGo for iOS do? I used my iPod and tried each option, the smart export to iTunes, the export music to my computer, and the convert and import music. Each of them worked super fast, did what they were supposed to do, and had no glitches along the way. I also grabbed some images from my iPhoto app and sent them to my iPod from my Mac, and again, all easy peasy.

my ipod choices

Final opinion on the MobileGo review, I have to give it 5 stars because I just found absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was extremely simple to use, did what Wondershare claimed it would do, had no issues or glitches with the program, has a great interface that’s nice to look at and not difficult to figure out, so like I said, 5 stars.

I usually find something little that could be added or changed, or maybe something doesn’t quite live up to what the company says about it, but not this time. One thing I thought of that they could do was have the program work on more than just iOS devices, like for Android, but then when I was on their website looking at what else it does I saw that they do have MobileGo for Android.

mobilego android

They have MobileGo for Android on Mac, and for on Windows, just like their MobileGo for iOS. So that’s awesome. I will have to borrow someone’s Android phone so we can test that version out, but I’m sure it will work just the same, just made a bit differently for the other OS. You could try out the free trial of course too and see if it’s worth getting, until I get that review up for you that is! Please let me know what you think of it.

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