Mobile Marketing Is Too Big For Startups To Ignore

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Mobile Marketing Is Too Big For Startups To Ignore

Mobile Marketing Is Too Big For Startups To Ignore

By Grady Winston

Getting off the ground is a daunting task for any company or start up, but with the help of the internet, social media, and mobile phones it has become easier to reach potential customers. Apps, new websites and tech are created every day, but without the proper promotion and advertising, can go completely unnoticed and slowly die away. Mobile marketing is huge, but many brands still ignore this very lucrative market. It’s important to know, however, that four out of every five smartphone owners used their devices to research retail content. There are many businesses innovating and integrating with smartphone use to provide unique solutions that are simply too big to ignore.

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Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Millions of people access content via their smartphones and the potential for innovative marketing is astounding. For example, Point Inside, a company based in Seattle, is developing a mobile application to allow retailers to market directly to shoppers when they are in the store. One of their clients, Meijer, a chain of superstores based in the Midwest, utilizes an app called Find It to help customers locate a product within the store, as well as alert them to sales or items of interest based on their shopping patterns.

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SMS/text Marketing

SMS/text marketing is one of the simplest and most effective trends marketers use to increase revenue. Many companies are already using SMS to market to their customer base. Macy’s, Gap, Target and Victoria’s Secret have all implemented highly effective programs. Most businesses utilize SMS marketing to advise customers of sales or events. These types of marketing place the business right on the front of their customer’s minds and helps drive revenue by encouraging them to return to the store.

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Email Campaigns

The percentage of marketing email opens has begun steadily increasing on mobile devices. Almost 36 percent of all opened marketing emails were accessed with a mobile device — an increase of four percent from the previous year. Traditionally, email marketing has gotten a bad reputation because it is completely ineffective if implemented poorly. The steady, strong increase in mobile open rates continues, which really highlights the importance of having a mobile marketing strategy.

Expected Growth

Mobile marketing is only expected to grow over the next five years. Retailers are anticipated to contribute billions of dollars by 2016 to advertise their brands. What started as a trend is here to stay and is better harnessed than ignored. If your company is not already part of the mobile marketing revolution, develop a strategy to tap into the user market as numbers will only continue to rise.

People Don’t Sit Still and Neither Should Your Message

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Mobile marketing strategies should encompass all the needs of your business. It’s a matter of meeting your customers where they are. Whether they are in the mall, on the bus or at the doctor’s office, they are spending time on their mobile devices. Spend that time reaching out to them while they are on the go. People fill what little down time they have keeping up with their communication, shopping and reading the news. Do everything you can to tap into these moments and provide unique, reliable and efficient solutions for your potential customers.

Given that 80 percent of smartphone owners access retail content on their mobile devices, a business would be foolish to ignore the opportunity to connect with potential consumers. More than half of the four billion phones in use around the globe are SMS-enabled. With a market that large, the possibilities are endless. Flex your mobile marketing muscle and get your brand noticed.

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