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MileUp App Review – Is The MileUp App a Scam?


MileUp App Review Should You Get Mile Up App or Is it a Scam?

If you’re on Facebook, or anywhere online these days, you’ve probably heard from a friend about the Mileup app. If you haven’t heard about it, basically Mileup is an app that once installed on your iPhone or Android phone you accumulate points for the miles you drive. These points can later be traded in for gift cards at major retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. You can also earn points for referring the app to others, and you can get larger gift certificates in the amount of $250 for reporting an accident while having the app on your phone. But, is this app too good to be true? Some are concerned about what privacy issues, while others wonder if the Mileup app is an all out scam, and that’s not being paranoid, that’s being smart. It’s good to check up on such things before getting any app that’s collecting data about you.

Although you may have already read some Mileup reviews and since reading them feel you know the answers to these questions, the answers may have actually changed some since it only recently was released to everyone and no longer in test mode. Since this is the latest Mile up app review online it will include a lot more information on how the app is working currently, any issues and complaints being filed, and what changes have already been made that have many talking. So, before you download this app read what we found out and then decide if you want to try it.

What is the Mileup App

mileup app how it works

As we already described briefly above, the Mileup app is an app that tracks how many miles you drive, along with other driving data like when you drive and how many stops you make. The miles are how the points are calculated though, and these are later traded in for gift cards. Also, as we mentioned, is you have an accident, the company says they will give you a $250 gift card as long as the app was on when the accident happened, the accident is reported, and a few other conditions they list on their app when you report the accident.

Who made the app? A driver safety and roadside assistance company called Agero, created this app. Agero is not a new company as many have speculated on Facebook, it’s actually been around since 1972 and has a solid record with major insurers and automakers like Progressive and USAA and Ford and Toyota.

As for why the made the app, according to, they created the Mileup app in an efforts to collecting enough data from drivers so that they can more accurately verify when a crash occurs. The company believes it can use this data create a crash detection algorithm that will lead to cutting down on the time that it takes to notify emergency personnel in rural and urban areas, which if they are successful may save up to 3,000 lives a year. For their crash-detection algorithm they need to collect at least 3 million miles worth of data. Once they’ve collected enough mileage data the app will no longer exist.

Is the Mileup App a Scam?

After a lot of research we have found that the Mile Up app is not a scam, and they’re not some fly by night company created just to grab your personal information. They have good ratings within the auto insurance industry and do appear to be at least trying to keep up with their promise of exchanging your driving information for gift cards. We say ‘trying’ because about two or three weeks into releasing the app to the public complaints did begin to roll in about not getting gift cards and mileage not tracking. These complaints can be found on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, but even moreso on their Facebook page. We’ll get into these issue more below.

Should you download the app, you can do so knowing that the app is safe to use in that it’s not a scam or out to defraud the individuals using it. There’s no reason for avoiding it due to privacy concerns, that we found and we searched thoroughly. The Mileup is not a scam. So, if you should download the app, you should feel comfortable with that part. Complaints and problems with the app are a whole separate issue.

MileUp App Issues and Complaints

The app certainly sounds wonderful. Getting free gift cards for simply putting an app on your phone that tracks the miles you’ve driven, who wouldn’t sign up? This was the general consensus of many when it first came out and for several weeks they were all very happy and they got many of their friends to sign up which made them even happier. There were several reviewers online stating that they received their gift cards quickly and with little hassle, that is until about January 15th, 2017. Then the complaints started coming when an updated version rolled out.

Issue 1: Overnight, double the amount of points needed for gift card

facebook complaints 1 mileup

Everything was great with this free app, until they and their friends noticed, on about January 15th, 2017, that they weren’t getting gift cards at the same rate as advertised in the referral post. Originally the points worked like this: 1,000 points = $5 gift card. This doubled overnight though, all without anyone being alerted. It went to 2,000 points for a $5 gift card. This made a lot of people upset when they woke up to a new point system since they were saving their points up for higher gift card amounts. The company has since replied to them and said they would honor those points for people that had the app in place and points accrued prior to their update. This was apparently resolved, but there are still many angry users at the no warning given and now are having to accumulate more miles and points to get a gift card, and they felt they lied to their friends.

Issue 2: Points lost and app glitches

facebook complaints 2 mileup

The next issue was at the same time, and that was that many complained that there points were lost when the app updated and they also complained that they had to reinstall the app on their phones. Reinstalling was a major issue for many though, and they said they could not login to the new version of the app and were very frustrated. They had to call customer service to get verification codes. From what we can find, those that stuck with it to resolve the issue did get it resolved.

Issue 3: Referring it to friends didn’t go so well

mileup friends referall

You are encouraged to share this app with your friends, and when you do so you get more points. Many feel quite upset that they asked their friends to join though and then found out that what they told them, about how many points they needed, wasn’t true.


Issue 4: Accident reporting not getting promised gift card

facebook mile up accident rewards reply

Another problem being reported by those using the Mileup app was that the accident rewards program was not sending out the gift card. The gift card for an accident reported to the company is $250 which was said to be paid in two weeks time. After multiple emails and calls to customer service, people are complaining that after three and now four weeks even, they’ve not received the gift card nor have they received a reply from customer service. We got a reply (to two of us asking questions) from Mileup on Facebook when inquiring about this on January 26th:

From Mileup on their Facebook page (as seen in screenshot above): “Hi Andrew and Kim, sorry for the inconvenience. It’s taking longer to process accidents than initially though as we have to verify with emergency response. We are processing them though, so please be patient. If you haven’t heard anything in another week, please contact and they can provide an update. Thank you for using MileUp.”

We are not able to say whether or not these gift cards have gone out yet, hopefully someone will comment and tell us if they’ve received theirs if they submitted an accident report.

Issue 5 : App is not accurate or not tracking miles

google play mileup reviews

The largest complaint by users is that the app is not tracking correctly. When checking the apps data users are noticing that the Mileup app is not registering some of their miles, and at times none of their miles. Some have contacted customer service and reported the error’s and are told that it’s being looked into and thanks for their report. Missing miles means missing points, and that’s making some users quite upset.

Issue 6: Drains battery and uses a lot of data

google play mileup reviews 2

The final issue we found when reading reviews online was about how much data this app uses and how much it drains the battery. Because this app uses your phone’s GPS system, it does indeed use a lot of your resources, especially your battery and WIFI. The app won’t download and upload the data to the app creator until you’re on your homes WIFI, which is good, but the issue, says reviewers, that when it connects the data upload is so large that nothing else can run on your WIFI or worse, it stops uploading at all and times out. A request by one user for a manual way to force stop the app so that it won’t continually run in the background, and for a way to schedule or do the data transfers manually was found on Google Play Store, both of which are great ideas if this app is to continue.

Bottom Line: Should You Use the Mileup App?

Should you download and use the Mileup App and exchange some of your driving data for gift cards? As you may have read on the reviews both on Facebook and other sites, you’ll find both complaints and love for this app. After reading through them all, our bottom line on whether or not you should use the Mileup app is this:

If you want free gift cards for your driving data, and you’re OK with them tracking said driving information about you, are okay with them changing the amount of points it takes to earn a gift card, okay with the app being glitchy, okay with it not tracking all of your miles, okay with it possibly using a lot of your battery power and WIFI resources to upload the data, and okay with waiting several weeks for a $250 gift card after you reported an accident, then YES, you should get the app.

If you’re NOT okay with any of those things, or just one of them, then NO, it’s not for you and you shouldn’t get it.

We’ve read a lot of great reviews and a lot of bad ones, but now we’d like to know what you think. If you have it, do you feel it’s worth it even when it has some issues or are the issues just too many and you’re ditching it?