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Meet the Neptune Pine – This Standalone Smart Watch Costs Just $269

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Meet the Neptune Pine – This Standalone Smart Watch Costs Just $269

Smart watches are quite literally the hottest technology on the market today but the majority of them are nothing but Bluetooth tethers that aren’t really worth the price tag. Anyone looking for an actual stand alone gadget is limited in their options, but some offer more value. Among those is the new Neptune Pine, a low cost smart watch that is a standalone model capable of being used as a smartphone. At $269, the Neptune costs less than your average phone, and it runs Android Jelly Bean, and most of Jelly Bean’s apps. You can use the watch to take pictures, make calls, send and receive texts, and access the web, all without the use of your smartphone.

Neptune Pine Smartwatch

What Is It

The Neptune Pine is quite simply a small mobile phone that attaches to your wrist via a plastic watch band. The touch screen is larger than your average smart watch, making the Neptune slightly more useful, but, also slightly more bulky than the Pebble or other smaller competitors. Dual cameras, a 1.2Ghz processor, speakers, and an 8 hour talk-time battery, the Pine is more than impressive, even as a phone. Instead, it’s a watch, and you can use it with any compatible SIM card to put your phone on your wrist. What are the specs on the Neptune?? Let’s get started.

Screen – The Neptune Pine features a 2.4″ touch screen with TFT capacity and 320×240 QVGA (Quarter VGA) resolution, making it decent for most uses other than pictures and video.

Processor – A dual-core 1.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor means that the Neptune Pine is just as powerful as many higher end smartphones, but for half the price.

OS– Pine runs the standard Android Jellybean OS and has the same resolution as standard Android devices, meaning that it is already compatible with hundreds of thousands of Android apps. In addition, developers can design apps with the original Android SDK, making it easier to create apps just for the Pine.

Keyboard – A digital QWERTY keyboard makes typing easy, although the screen is a bit smaller than most of us are used to.

Cameras – The Neptune Pine features two cameras including a front facing VGA for video chat with compatibility for Skype, Fringe, and Tango. The front facing camera is paired with an LED that can be used for lighting up chats. The rear facing camera offers 5 megapixel quality and integrated flash, although you do have to take the watch off of your arm to use it.


Neptune Pine Smartwatch

The Neptune Pine offers a number of very cool features including some stuff that could actually come in very handy. While the watch includes the basics like an accelerometer and gyroscope and pedometer for basic fitness tracking, it also includes full GPS tracking for mapping routes and tracking distance, and can also track your heart rate. Built in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair the Pine with a number of other devices, and the Pine is WiFi and 3G capable.


  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi

  • 3G

  • Supports over 80% of Mobile Providers

Neptune Pine Smartwatch


  • Accelerometer

  • Gyroscope

  • Pedometer

  • GPS

  • Compass


  • Messaging/Texts

  • Voice Calls

  • VOiP Calling

  • Video Calls


  • Voice Control

  • Music/Audio

  • 720p Video Recording

  • Video Support

Is it Really this Awesome?

Neptune Pine Smartwatch

While the Neptune looks and sounds awesome, most of the smartwatches so far have been a bit of a disappointment. However, the Neptune will ship in January of 2014, so we don’t have too long to wait to find out. Designers are already manufacturing a number of accessories including helmet clips, watch band customizations, and even bicycle clips so that you can also use the watch as a POV camera, rearview mirror, or a clip on social chat. because it’s cellular enabled, and more than twice as powerful as any of its competitors, the Neptune should be really great. However, the screen is quite clunky to wear as a watch, so it’s not going to be blending in with anything.

What do you think? Is the Neptune Pine the Smartwatch we’ve all been waiting for? The Pine is currently on Kickstarter where it’s already hit 300% of its funding goal.