Is Mario Kart on Wii a Good Racing Game For Kids? Read This Review to Find Out!

Mario Kart Wii Racing Game for Children

A Racing Game At Their Best: The Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is a popular racing game for children of all ages. All of the characters from a long line in the history of the Mario games can get behind the wheels of a variety of vehicles and deliver racing fun for the entire family. This game can be played with the optional Mario Kart Wii Wheel or by using the Wii remote control in place of the steering device. Mario Kart Wii is also available for play on the Nintendo DS game system.

The Game Characters in Mario Kart Wii

The characters of this game include the original well loved characters of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Waluigi, Bowser, Baby Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Wario and the always familiar, Donkey Kong. Each Mario Kart Wii character can be paired with the entire variety of vehicles and each is inter-changeable. You can also drive as your own personalized Mii. The Mii is a character that you create as you see fit. It can be in your own image or one that comes completely from your own imagination.

The Courses in Mario Kart Wii

There is a total of 32 courses on which to drive during this racing game. They include the 16 original classic courses from previous Mario Kart games and 16 new courses that are also found here. With each first place winning cup, a more difficult racing circuit is opened. Mystery courses will open up as your list of wins grow longer and longer. Mario Kart Wii will successfully grow with you as your ability improves.

The Racing Game Cups in Mario Kart Wii

The racing cups include the Mushroom Cup, the Flower Cup, the Shell Cup and the the Banana Cup. The Mushroom Cup offers racing game excitement in the form of the Luigi Circuit, Moo Moo Meadows, Mushroom Gorge and Toad’s Factory.

The Flower Cup offers the Mario circuit, Coconut Mall, DK Summit and Wario’s Gold Mine. You will find your favorite tracks quickly as you increase your driving experience and explore all of the circuits this racing game has to offer.

The Shell Cup experiences will take you on the GCN Peach Beach circuits, DS Yoshi Falls, SNES Ghost Valley 2 and N64 Mario Raceway. Some of these paths will seem like old and familiar friends as you travel down the paths of this racing game.

The Banana Cup will take you on explored and unexplored routes in the sections of N64 Sherbert Lane, GBA Shy Guy Beach, DS Delfino Square and GCN Waluigi Stadium. This entertaining game from the Mario line seems like many different racing games found within this one great game. The interchangeability of the characters, the vehicles and the tracks offer, what seems to be endless, versatility.

Mario Kart Wii Has Special Racing Game Items

Getting to recognize these special items can assist you in learning to navigate these courses on this game. The Star item will increase your speed. The Banana item can wreak havoc when it is hit by the vehicles. It causes the driver to spin out uncontrollably. Blooper sprays ink on those in your path to reduce their visibility. Bob-omb explodes and causes spin outs or rolls over the vehicles that hit him. Bullet Bill assists you by blowing past your opponents and clearing the path. Beware of the Fake Gift boxes that will cause your car to flip.

The Golden Mushroom item gives you short bursts of speed. Avoid the Green Shells and avoid being flipped in your own path. Use the Lightning to disable your opponents’ vehicles and gives you the winning edge. All of these items are just a part of what can assist or prevent you from winning the cups. As you learn your way through the game routes, you will find many features to both help you and to hinder you in your progress.

From Luke’s Perspective

The yet to be six year old in our household loves to play this racing game. He finds new adventures each time as he chooses his character, his vehicles and his racing route for each new game. He has fun at each game play and often explains the ins and outs of the game as I watch him play. He agrees with the consensus of many others who also give Mario Kart Wii a big thumbs up on this Mario adventure. If you have a racing aficionado in your life, they may want to give this game a try. It is fun to play and there are no guns involved.


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