Malware Popups on Free Movie Sites

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Malware Popups on Free Movie Sites

Malware Popups on Free Movie Sites

If you use any free media streaming site, you might occasionally see popup ads, notifications that “You Have a Virus!!”, and sometimes popup ads that you cannot click out of. Your first thought is most likely that your computer has a virus, but chances are that it doesn’t, unless you clicked on one of those ads. Instead, the website serves up ads through poorly regulated advertising channels (that don’t mind letting illegal websites earn money from them). These ads serve up malware through infected ads, which have either been taken out by hackers, or have been hacked and modified to include viruses.

What to Do If You Get a Popup?

If you see a popup on your phone, computer, or tablet, your best course of action is to close your browser, clear your browser cookies, run your antivirus program, and then restart your browser. Most popups are relatively benign, but if you get a virus warning on an ad, it could be a real threat.

“You Have a Virus” – The “You Have a Virus” popup is most often a form of scareware, in which hackers attempt to scare you into parting with your personal data in exchange for protection or virus removal. You may have to force your browser to quit by left clicking on the icon and choosing “Force Close” or doing so from your computer’s program or application management. Do not give these sites your phone number, email, or other data. Instead, open your actual antivirus program separately and run that instead. We’ve seen these types of popups on a wide variety of websites including Vumoo, EZTV, Movpod, Gorillavid, and many others.

“You’ve Won a Free!!!” – These ads are less scary, but equally as dangerous. Clicking through will typically either download a virus onto your computer or ask for personal details, which could result in identity theft.

Does Vumoo Have Viruses?

We get specific questions about sites like Vumoo all the time. The answer is no. However, Vumoo does use ad networks, which means that the ads it is running may serve viruses up to your computer.

Preventing Popup Ads

Popup ads are increasingly common on many types of websites including clickbait sites (like George Takei shares), free movie streaming sites like Vumoo, and many others. These popups often hijack your browser, making it impossible to close the tab or even the entire browser, and you may have to completely restart your browser to get out of it. Then, you have to clear cookies to prevent your browser from simply automatically reloading the infected media as soon as you restart.

You can attempt to block these types of advertisements using the program AdBlocker. This program is free to use (although the owners appreciate donations), and is available as an extension for most browser types including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Using the “Acceptable Ads” function, you can block most intrusive ads that contain malware such as popups, while continuing to support unobtrusive ads on other websites.

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