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Make Tax Time Less Painful With this Free Help

Make Tax Time Less Painful

For some of us, the one time of year that can bring us to our knees is Tax Time. It is that time of year, when the forms start coming in, and you know you should have kept better records. With a computer in almost every home, many of us file our dreaded taxes from the comfort of home. No more hauling all that paperwork to some office and biting our nails as the accountant sifts through it all. Filing taxes at home allows you to bite your nails in private. Filing taxes online has become very popular. It saves time, money, and you don’t have to mail in those forms.

There are many online tax services that you can choose from. Some are free, some are not. Some allow you to file your federal taxes for free and charge a fee for filing your state taxes. All of them are easy to use and they do all the math for you. You just input your information, follow the instructions, and you can easily file your own taxes. When you e-file, you can have your refund deposited directly into your bank account and it usually takes about two weeks.


One of the popular online tax filing sites is TurboTax. You can file your federal and state taxes free, if you qualify for the TurboTax Freedom Edition. To qualify for free filing, your Adjusted Gross Income must be $31,000 or less, or for Active Duty military families, your income has to be less than $60,000. The other way to qualify for free state filing is if you qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit. This is the first year they are offering free federal and state filing for people who qualify. The Turbo Tax site is user friendly, offers electronic filing, and supports most federal and state forms. They also offer a paid service for filing taxes.

*Note: State Tax Filing with Turbo Tax was temporarily halted due to fraud concerns, however, at time of publishing this article (2/7/15) they have announced that they’ve resumed e-filing for state income tax returns.

OnLine Taxes

When you use OnLine Taxes to file your returns, both federal and state filing is free for all ages if your Adjusted Gross Income is between $13,000 and $60,000. They also provide electronic filing for a fee for both federal and state. The site guarantees their calculations, offers free customer service through email, and they supports over 120 federal forms. The user friendly site is an IRS authorized e-file provider.

H&R Block

Another popular tax filing service is H&R Block. They offer free online federal tax filing and charge a fee for filing your state taxes. The fee for filing your state taxes is $9.99 when you use the free edition to file your federal taxes. The site is user friendly and walks you through the process with ease. They have Affordable Care Act forms, check your return for issues before you file electronically, and guarantee you will get your maximum refund.

IRS Site

The IRS site has helpful tips as well as free links for software to file your federal taxes. The site has free filing software for income levels below $60,000. You will leave the IRS site when you choose to use the software. State returns are also available and some of them are free. For incomes above $60,000, they offer free file fillable forms in electronic versions. State filing is not available with these forms.

This handy website,, helps you to get organized, file taxes and ways to use your refund. It’s like the IRS site above, in that it helps you file for free if your income is $60,000 or less, but it also has a bunch of other helpful information. You can find a place to go in person to, they have VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) sites and TCE (Tax Counseling for the Elderly) locations. There’s also a phone number you can call for help, it is:


Tax time doesn’t have to be painful and with the options available, you don’t have to fear filing your taxes. The sites help you with filling in the forms, making it an easy process. You are able to print your forms for your records as well as keep a backup file on your computer. Most states have a site that allows you to file your taxes online. Many of them allow you to file your federal taxes free when you pay to file your state taxes, although each state may be different. Check your state’s web site to see what is available by doing a search for filing state taxes in your state. Take the pain out of filing taxes when you file from the comfort of home with free tax software.

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